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The Future is Now with Reality Computing

With Reality Computing, it is possible to deliver a 3D physical replica of an ancient skull fossil, allowing the artifact to be distributed for study by students and researchers at labs across the globe.

Innovators looking for entrepreneurial opportunities should be looking at Reality Computing, according to Rick Rundell, a technology and innovation strategist at Autodesk. Rick was early to recognize the potential of another emerging category of technology in 2000,when he left architectural practice to help launch model-based design for the building industry with Revita category that grew into the building information modeling (BIM) common across the industry and the laid the foundation for myriad new and improved businesses. In the convergence of spatial sensing and digital fabrication around data types that uniquely capture the rich variety and detail of the physical world, he sees another transformation ready to happenthis is what Reality Computing is all about.

Rick noted that several MassChallenge startups are already seizing this opportunity:

2013 winner 3Dim is one of several startups working to bring spatial sensing to mobile devices.

2014 finalists Mebotics and NV Bots are capitalizing on technology for desktop digital fabrication for makers and in education.

And 2014 finalist DCDI is extending digital dentistry to dentures, addressing  the problem of how to capture varying material characteristics of gum and bone tissue.

The digital recreation of a spatial scan of one of Volvos automobile manufacturing facilities, made possible by Reality Computing.

All of these startups and many more are emerging businesses in Reality Computing. To hear more about what Rick and Autodesk have to say about this idea, check out the Reality Computing blog at

Innovators who want to learn more are invited to join the Reality Computing Boston meetup group at and attend their upcoming event on October 9th here at MassChallenge HQ.

Augmented Reality visualization software displays 3D models of underground utilities superimposed over live images of the construction area just another example of what will soon be possible with Reality Computing.


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