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78 Years Ago, A Journalist Studied 500 Rich Men And Boiled Down Their Success Into 13 Steps by Kathleen Elkin – Business Insider


Why we read it: Dream of amassing a fortune? Who doesnt. After interviewing 500 self-made millionaires, Journalist Napoleon Hill captured the 13 most prevalent strategies to striking it rich from a mostly philosophical point of view. Nearly eighty years later, these insights still ring true.


For Start-Ups, How Many Angels Is Too Many? by Mike Isaac – The New York Times

Why we read it: In recent days there have been an influx of opinions regarding various topics within the private investment world ranging from a tech bubble to both a lack and a surplus of unicorns, to the explosion of angel investing by wealthy individuals. Absorb this with a grain of salt as there will always be opinions. Perhaps the most interesting question being asked, however, is when does angel interest in a seed round become a burden for a startup?


The Other ‘Angel Investing’ Problem by Dan Primack – Fortune

Why we read it: Dan Primack digs into Mike Isaacs piece, analyzing it from the viewpoint of the angel rather than the startup. Clearly, there are multiple variables involved in the problem of excessive angel investment in seed-stage deals.


Ending Greeces Bleeding by Paul Krugman – The New York Times

Why we read it: its hard to avoid the Greece problem these days so I figured Id include an interesting perspective from renowned economist, Paul Krugman. Though this piece is now old news, (Greece has made large and divisive concessions in order to receive a third bailout package), Krugman highlights that Greek debt is the responsibility of two irresponsible parties–not one–and this fact must be acknowledged if the bleeding is to be stanched.




5 Great Apps For A Long Weekend by Doug Aamoth – Fast Company

Why we read it: Has your wanderlust gotten the best of you? Do you need a spontaneous vacation? These five apps should help.


Tapers at the Grateful Dead Concerts Spread the Audio Sacrament by Joe Coscarelli – The New York Times

Why we read it: 10 days ago I had the pleasure of visiting Chicago for the Grateful Deads Fare Thee Well 50th reunion shows, and boy, they can still rock. Luckily, the bands loyal following maintains the dying practice of legally taping the show from a specific section in the audience to the delight of both the band and the fans. To these tapers, the process of recording shows on the old-school audio equipment is a cathartic experience that they hope to pass down to future generations, symbolically passing the taper torch in the midst of the digital age.


VideoStitch Grabs $2.25 Million To Produce 360 Video In Real Time by Romain Dillet – TechCrunch


Why we read it: Video editing Startup VideoStitch has built an awesome piece of software which allows users to output a 360-degree live feed using multiple action cameras, such as GoPros. Adding a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift creates an immersive, 360-degree video experience, providing users with the adrenaline rush worthy feeling of being teleported to an alternate universe.



Innovation in Europe:


London Beats San Francisco On Worlds Most Innovative Cities List by Madhumita Venkataramanan Wired


Why we read it: Why did MassChallenge decide to expand its global presence to London? The answer is simple: because it has built a prolific startup ecosystem. Take a look at this piece and youll understand why the city has become a hotbed of innovation, investment and entrepreneurship.

Londons 5bn Biotech Sector Has Grown 70% Over The Last Decade by Oliver Smith – The Memo

Why we read it: The Biotech industry in London has been particularly strong over the past decade, and as Mayor Boris Johnson recently exclaimed, Whether it is the latest breakthrough in cancer drugs, leading laser eye surgery techniques or creating a global gold-standard for brain scanning, London is a city awash with great scientific minds and great scientific innovation.


Its Not Just The Weather: Southern Europes Startup Ecosystem Is Heating Up by Jennifer Allerson –


Why we read it: Huge strides have been made in expanding the tech ecosystem across Southern Europe in recent years. Whether it is ride-sharing, recruiting platforms, cloud infrastructure or marketing software, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal have seen a huge uptick in both startup creation and investor interest despite a generally weak economic environment.


Freelancer or Employee?


Why On-Demand Shipping Service Shyp Is Turning Its Couriers Into Employees by Harry McCracken – Fast Company

Why we read it: The issue of freelancers and contract workers not receiving employee benefits from large on-demand service providers like Uber has been all over the news of late, and the issue is catching the attention of a few progressive startups looking to make positive changes for their workforces. Delivery service Shyp has made headlines by pledging to turn its contract-based workforce into employees after having acknowledged the importance of providing its workers with a variety of basic benefits.


The Expanding Definition Of Independence In The Freelance Economy by Sara Horowitz – Fast Company

Why we read it: Heres another interesting perspective on the changing dynamics of the job market. With freelance work, gone is the basic security of the 40-hour work week, paid vacation, and benefits. But do freedom and flexibility outweigh the cons?



The Future:


One Companys Quest To Beerify Wine, With Cans Of Pinot and #PinkiesDown by Elizabeth Sagran – Fast Company

Why we read it: Wine in a can! I think Frank from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia already patented this...

Apple Applies For Patent For Person-To-Person Payments, Secured By Touch ID - 9TO5 MAC

Why we read it: iPhone users becoming their own personal banking institutions? Is this to similar to what Venmo already does? Who cares, Apple is the best!

The Past:

Time-Lapse Video Shows Bostons Massive Snow Pile That Refuses To Melt – Tribune Media Wire

Why we watched it: July 14th, 2015: a sad day outside our office as the last vestiges of our glorious, decrepit snow mountain vanished, and with it came the ceremonial end to a winter of epic proportions.

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