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How to Build a Successful MassChallenge…

To better help startups applying to MassChallenge tell their story, weve asked some of our top Israeli alumni for their advice on how to craft a winning MassChallenge application:

Shachar Tal, Loginno

1. What you do: It should be high impact, a startup that will make the world a better place

2. How you do it: It should be unique and disruptive, totally different (and better!) than the way things are done now

3. Who does it: Your team should instantly project that you are able to do what you say you’re going to do. A team with past accomplishments and relevant market experience is best

4. Will they use it: Customer validation – super important! Back up your story by showing proof of actual customers using or at least displaying a great need for your product

5. How MassChallenge can help you: Many tend to neglect it. Don’t. Highlight the challenges ahead and show how your participation in MassChallenge will help you overcome those challenges.

Bonus tip: Practice your pitch day and night in front of people until it is perfect. Even the best content will not fly with poor delivery.

Miriam Schwab, Strattic

Give yourself enough time to really explore and research your answers to the questions. This application is a great exercise since it forces you to learn to answer tough questions in a persuasive and comprehensive way. Also, I know that the character limit can be frustrating, but learning to say more with less (and generally do more with less) is an incredibly useful skill set in our micro-attention economy. Embrace it 🙂

Kyle Giddens, Trending Guru

Applying to MassChallenge is slightly different from other accelerators as they are focused on both big and small companies that will have a high impact. That is what is the most important – will your business help grow your community? Your city? Is it a global company? What is your business or social goal?  Tell us! When you think about MC think big impact! Also, make sure that you convey your idea in a great narrative – people love stories – what’s yours? 

Meirav Oren, Versatile Natures

Tell your story! Not what you think someone wants to hear. Don’t be afraid to dream big – share the vision and how you’re going to change the world. Think of this as an investor pitch with a twist – you don’t have to have all the answers and you get to ask for help. And please, have someone external review your application, the best feedback comes from those who have no idea what your startup is about. 

So, what are you doing today that will change our world tomorrow?



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