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How Corporations are Working with MassChallenge to Drive Their Innovation Agendas


MassChallenge was established in 2009, at the depths of the recession and a time when corporations were still reeling from the 2008 economic crisis, much less exploring new ideas. However, we knew that corporations needed to work with startups in more collaborative and innovative ways than had been standard practice, and to support the ecosystem as a whole in order to survive.

Fast forward to today, and we work with some of the worlds biggest corporations, putting them together with high-impact startups.

Exposure to such startups means that corporates are to able to identify trends and essentially, be fully equipped with the insights that they need to future-proof their own innovation agendas.

Partners in innovation

But how do corporations ensure that they have the best strategic fit for their company, when it comes to working with startups? The answer lies in partnerships, testing, and generating new ideas for successful innovation programs.

But its not just about the corporations; startups also benefit from these partnerships by virtue of access to new markets, potential investment, and strategic partnership. (MassChallenge Board Member and angel investor Sherry Coutu says that working with corporates is a startups most powerful growth hack.) And at MassChallenge, weve been creating that space and those opportunities for both parties, globally, for the past seven years.

Why we work with MassChallenge

We spoke to some of our corporate partners, and they shared their insights on why they work with MassChallenge to drive their innovation agendas forward.

What we were looking for as a company are things that are going to change the world. I saw MassChallenge as the partners to help us find companies that are going to do that – Sam Bastia, Verizon.
By partnering with MassChallenge, we’re making a statement that we’re serious about innovation – Phil Golz, ViiV Healthcare.
MassChallenge has got the best brand of being an accelerator and that’s why we want to align with them – Tim Sherwood, Satellite Applications Catapult.

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