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Infographic: Creating Jobs

Part I of the MassChallenge Infographic Series. All infographics courtesy of the incredible work of our partners Analogue Studio
During the barrage of 2012 Election Campaign advertising we all heard about the importance of job creation to get the economy back on track. MassChallenge Alumni are doing just that.  In three years our Alumni have opened the doors to 2,912 new jobs and we have the infographic to prove it!
These are high-impact jobs, jobs for people crazy enough to think they can change the world, and bold enough to actually make an impact. Of those new jobs 1,762 are within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!
As MassChallenge Alumni are working hard and growing their teams stay tuned for more nifty infographics. Including more on our Alumni Impact and how we have been developing the ideal space for fostering collaboration and creativity with the support of our amazing partners. 
These Infographics live in the recently redesigned office space at MassChallenge in Boston’s Innovation District. See coverage of the redesign in the Spacehack Series, powered by Analogue Studio.
Have a great week and be sure to come back to the MassChallenge Blog for more advice, insights and startup profiles from the Startup Accelerator.  

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