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Infographic: Painting the Walls, with IdeaPaint

Remember those days when your mom yelled at you for letting your crayons stray beyond the paper, or dare I say it, onto the walls?  Times have changed!
Get your markers ready (dry erase markers that is) and start breaking the rules!  Thanks to IdeaPaint, Analogue Studio, and Babson College, the walls of our MassChallenge workspace have become the worlds largest dry erase board.  With 2,800 square feet of continual writing surfaces (that are colorful thanks to IdeaPaint Clear!), MassChallenge Finalists, Alumni, and guests can start brainstorming and collaborating without needing to dig around for pen, paper, or easels.  
(photo courtesy of La Capoise Galerie)
MassChallenge Finalists have used the walls to help plan the next big ideas of their businesses everything from task workflow to product design. Throughout the space, youll also find doodles, inspirational quotes, upcoming events, and crowd-sourced ideas, logos and more! 
(photo courtesy of La Capoise Galerie)
Looking for the best Startups of all time? Or the most essential ingredients for a good happy hour?  Well, youll have to check out the blue zone the next time you visit our offices.  
Special Offer!
If you’re interested in IdeaPaint and want to support MassChallenge, you’re in luck! IdeaPaint is offering the opportunity to donate 10% of your purchase to MassChallenge. You can do so by using promo code MC2012. Also save 30% on 100 sq feet of IdeaPaint Clear!
Next in our infographic series see how all this creativity and collaboration are translating into real revenue!
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