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Once healthy choices are already in place it is easier to continue them, so ChopChop Kids is improving the relationship kids have with food. Their cooking magazine is fun for children and teaches them how to cook nutritious food that they can eat with their families. Rather than obsessing over calories or the negative aspects of food, ChopChop Kids emphasizes the importance of coming together over delicious, healthy recipes. ChopChop Kids will inspire you to spend quality time eating nutritious meals with the whole family.

If you are going to trust anyone with health advice look no further than Sue Liang, who diagnosed herself as having a vegetable obsessive disorder. She made her passion for food a job and created handcrafted vegetable products with Asulia Foods. The frozen vegan dumplings are perfect for a snack, appetizer or meal and only take 15 to 20 minutes to cook. Asulia not only encourages healthy food options, but also supports girls education by donating a portion of their proceeds to Room to Read.

Youve probably heard that water is the key ingredient to stay hydrated and speed up your metabolism. Oto Beverages is making drinking water fun with naturally flavored pods in reusable water bottles with a delicious taste. Oto Beverages encourages filling your bottle with local water to reduce waste. You wont be able to get enough of Oto Beverages and will no longer have to worry about dehydration or mistaking thirst for hunger.

When the weather is hot or you are sitting by the pool, an iced tea might better suit your mood. ZOOS iced tea is brewed with handpicked tea leaves from Greek mountaintops with rich anti-oxidants. Quench your thirst with any of the three natural flavors (original, peach, and lemon) and youll be hooked on this soon-to-be Mediterranean staple.

Now you might be wondering where you can get all this natural food. One possibility is to grow it yourself! With the help of SproutsIO, you can grow nutritious food with your very own microfarm. With a convenient soil-free system controlled from your phone, no prior gardening experience is required to produce delicious fruits and vegetables in your home. You cant beat the satisfaction of eating nutritious food you grew yourself.

Grocery shopping is a more conventional method to find natural food, which we know can be difficult and time consuming. Whether you are looking for the lowest price or cant find something in the store, Kuona can help. The easy to use app compares prices and deals in surrounding stores. The map and pictures will organize your trip and save you from wasting time walking back and forth between aisles.

Rosie is another helpful grocery startup that acts as your own personal assistant. If you dont already have enough of an incentive to shop for organic food at local grocery stores, Rosie might be the deal breaker. You can order groceries online from your phone, tablet or laptop. Rosie is a huge time saver and will prepare your groceries for you to pick up in the or even deliver them to your home for you!

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