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Let it Snow – Startup Gifts You Can Buy Now! Part 1



Casa Couture

If you’re looking for a great gift for the people in your life that value things like “arch-support” but are also into fashion, try these great shoes by Casa Couture! These innovative shoes are built for support without sacrificing style.
Buy them now at:


Blank Label

Turn those fashion caterpillars that have to be seen in public with you into absolute butterflies with these handsome shirts from Blank Label. These shirts are made to fit perfectly with the contours of the body, giving you the flair of having a personal tailor on a budget. Tim Gunn not included, but you can definitely “make it work” with these shirts.
Order your shirt now at


Bow and Drape

Bow and Drape merges high tech with high fashion by offering customers made-to-order dresses that suit perfectly to their taste. With a huge range of customization options, colors, fits and embellishments, a dress from Bow and Drape is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get!
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Ministry of Supply

Prepare your giftee for the Summer with NASA-inspired products from Ministry of Supply. From socks infused with coffee beans to prevent feet-stink, to stylish dress shirts that wick sweat off of the body, MoS shirts guaruntees that whoever dons these high-tech shirts will be able to look great in any environment without any embarassing pit-stains.
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Cocomama’s quinoa based cereals are made of contradictions. Healthy, tasty, and convenient, these foods render the excuse that eating healthy is “too much effort” completely invalid. Get this gift for the highly mobile who are also health conscious. They’ll appreciate eating something healthy and delicious for once!
Shop and enjoy now:


Eone Timepieces

Telling time shouldn’t require sight, and Eone does just that. Eone is designed so you can tell time discreetly just by touch. For the visually impaired, this watch allows them to tell time without drawing attention to their disability. For those with sight, this gift will allow them to tell time in a dark movie theatre and/or to not look rude during that meeting or uncomfortably long conversation at a networking party.
Get one now at



For a more intimate gift this holiday season, consider Thinx’s smart underwear for women. This innovative, comfortable, stain-resistant, and sexy underwear ensures that the professional woman can focus on her job and feel great at the same time, even if there is risk of an “accident.” Best of all, for every pair of underwear you buy, Thinx’s partners at AFRIpads will help a child stay in school by providing them with seven re-usable cloth pads. “Change your underwear, change the world.”
Purchase a pair now at

There are more “alternative” gifts where these came from. Stay tuned for our blog for more gift ideas!


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