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MassChallenge 2012 Boot Camp…in Tweets!

MassChallenge Boot Camp is a one-week, intensive program of inspiration, education, mentorship and social events designed to jumpstart the four-month MassChallenge Accelerator. MassChallenge Finalists learned real-life lessons from successful startup CEOs, investors, lawyers and executives.
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MassChallenge Boot Camp was generously sponsored by Foley & Lardner LLP?Monday – Launch??The Finalists were itching with anticipation to launch into the MassChallenge 2012 Accelerator…and rightly so! We had an incredible lineup of speakers – Professor Noam Wasserman of Harvard Business Scholl, Kayak Co-Founder & CTO Paul English, and iRobot Founder, CEO & Chairman Colin Angle – and that was just Monday!?
@masschallenge boot camp starts in t-minus 12hours. The @FreightFarms team is really to rock&roll!??
??Brad McNamara?8 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Good morning, everybody. It’s 4:15 in my neck of the woods. Excited for Day 1 of @masschallenge Boot Camp! #bootcamp #entrepreneurship?? ??Pegasus Performance?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Good morning! Up bright and early for the first day of@masschallenge Bootcamp! Excited to meet other#entrepreneurs and get #socent??
??Khalil Fuller?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Stoked for @masschallenge!
CoachUp?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
#MusicMonday:Perfect Strangers,bc is there a better way to start @MassChallenge bootcamp? #MC2012??
Trish Fontanilla?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?We’re at @masschallenge excited to start Bootcamp week and kick off what will surely be an extraordinary summer!??
??Bottol?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Didja know that Vsnap is in @masschallenge?Today’s the 1st day & 125 #startups are starting to filter into the office.
??Vsnap?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
John Harthorne – MassChallenge Welcome??
MassChallenge’s Co-Founder & CEO John Harthrone kicks things off with some words of wisdom and his famous pre-Accelerator pump-up speech. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – John Harthorne?
?”Have fun & do what you love.”-@MassChallenge Founder John Harthorne at #MC2012 Boot
??Mackenzie Thomas?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?@masschallenge it’s like first day at school, but with a better view, and better
??Stamatis Astra?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” At@MassChallenge opening day with @CompostBostonhearing remarks from MC CEO.??
??Igor Kharitonenkov?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Excited to begin our @masschallenge incubator journey. Day 1: Founder’s Day. Hearing inspiring remarks from MC CEO.
??Bootstrap Compost?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Let the games begin! cc @masschallenge
Joe?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
@masschallenge boot camp kicking off. The house is packed! #mc2012
??ubiqi?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
New site is up* and were ready for @masschallengebootcamp! *mostly. Still waiting on a little
??HelmetHub?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
@masschallenge day 1-like first day of preseason..thrilled to be a part of this team. early a.m (cont)
??Lovin’ Spoonfuls?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?#MCBootCamp is finally here! Orange Community is getting to know each other with 30sec pitches!
??MassChallenge?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Super pumped to start @masschallenge startup bootcamp! We’re ready for the elevator pitch obstacle course! #MC2012??
??GRIT?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Noam Wasserman – The Founder’s Dilemma??
HBS Professor Noam Wasserman next took the stage (and most of the event space, actually – he paces up the aisles during his talks & there is no hiding from his engaging approach!). His stat-packed lecture revealed many eye-opening facts to the Finalists.?
@masschallenge bootcamp day 1 continues. #HBSprofessor Wasserman talking now about the perils of running a business with friends & family.??
??Pegasus Performance?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Reasons for Failure: 35% of failed startups collapsed due to product market fit issues (product development, market problems etc.). 65% fail because of people problems (Founder-Founder, Founder-new team conflicts) – Professor Noam Wasserman?
?”The enemy of perfect should not be do nothing” – Noam Wasserman @masschallenge #MC2012??
??Bottol?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
After 50 months, 52% of Founders are no longer the CEO of their companies (75% of the 52% were fired) – an excellent Founder is not necessarily the right CEO down the road – Professor Noam Wasserman
(See also Jim Miller’s thoughts on the topic here).??
Paul English – Creating Magic in Culture??
Kayak Co-Founder & CTO Paul English held a fireside chat with MassChallenge Co-Founder and CEO John Harthorne on creating a work culture that allows for growth, productivity andmagic.?
?All-star lineup of speakers at @masschallengebootcamp day 1: Paul English from @kayak and Colin Angle from iRobot. #MC2012??
??Nate Aune?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Paul English, founder of @Kayak, talking about company culture at @masschallenge. “Find people who will motivate you.”
??Igor Kharitonenkov?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“For any activity you embark on, set your goals really high and then try to crush them. Hiring is going to be one of the most important things you do over the next year-and-a-half, two years” – Paul English?
?Paul English, CTO/cofounder @kayak talks productivity and passion as key for great success@masschallenge #bootcampday1 @englishpaulm??
??Cellanyx Diagnostics?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Ultimately, I look for two things in a hire: does this person have the chops, the intellect, the drive to get the job done? And the other 50 percent is Do I want to sit down and have a beer with this person? – Paul English?
Colin Angle – iRobot’s Story??
iRobot Founder, CEO & Chairman Colin Angle told the Finalists a story of perseverance, humility, adaptability and ultimately, triumph – the story of iRobot!?
?Hearing the amazing Colin Angel @masschallengetalking abt the power of managing risk an an entrepreneur. ”
??Aubrie Pagano?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Many people think of entrepreneurs as risk-takers. Id say thats incredibly far from the truth. I think the best entrepreneurs are the best managers of risk. The key is the rope you have securing you.” – Colin Angle?
This again, is why engineers shouldn’t be in charge of marketing- Colin Angle on the Roomba originally being named CyberSuck @masschallenge??
Mikaila Waters?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Be open to changing plans. Dont refuse to pull the plug on a project when you know its time is up.” – Colin Angle?
?”There is nothing more powerful than a convert in promoting your story.” – Colin Angle of @iRobotcorpat @masschallenge #MC2012??
??Julian Weisser?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Two Marketing Tips from Colin Angle:- Create a legion of rabid, positive promoters of your product
– When branching out from loyal early adaptors to larger groups of customers, don’t be afraid to outsource your marketing to reach customers you don’t know as well – original (and failed) tagline of the Roomba (created by engineers): “If it’s down there – we’ll get it!”??
?Working out of @masschallenge !
??Kit Hickey?6 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Day 1 @masschallenge = very cool??
??Atomic Tower, Inc.?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
It was a great first day of @masschallenge Bootcamp! The #MC2012 team is bringing in AMAZING speakers and mentors.??
??Khalil Fuller?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?@masschallenge Do I smell warm pretzels? Baking bread? #bootcamp #happyhourapproaches??
??Pegasus Performance?7 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Tuesday – Sales??
Tuesday focused on Sales, and Entrepreneurship Ventures Chairman Ken Morse delivered his famous lecture, “Sales Process & High Performance Team Building” before the Finalists competed in an intense pitch contest, supported by American Airlines.?
?Amazing speaker line-up at the first day of@MassChallenge yesterday, so we’re excited for#MCBootCamp Day 2. #MC2012 #startup #biotech??
??Cellanyx Diagnostics?6 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“most new companies die from indigestion, not hunger” wise words from Ken Morse @masschallenge??
??Sweet! Corn Chips?6 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“It is mission critical for entrepreneurs to focus, focus, focus.” – Ken Morse?
“Sales and marketing are each a science, not an art, and can be learned.” Ken Morse, @MassChallenge??
Parul Singh?6 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?If you think how many times your business plan will change, remember Columbus was looking for India. -Ken Morse @masschallenge??
??Michael Raybman?6 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Sales is about understanding the needs of customers and then matching solutions to those needs. People complain about used car salesmen because they dont care what you wantthey want to sell you a certain car and thats all. The best salesmen figure out what their customers want. Clients feel they have a relationship with you when they think you understand their needs. The first step to trust is speaking their language: whats in it for them?” – Ken Morse?
?”Pitch until you die, then one more pitch after that” – Ken Morse on sales @masschallenge??
??Jason Shin?6 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Cherish those moments when you have a chance to be the hero, to correct mistakes. Once you’ve proven yourself in your clients’ time of need, they will no longer worry about how small you are.” – Ken Morse?
view from my desk here at @racemenu – thank you,@masschallenge & mc supporters! alain ferry?6 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Read Cellanyx CSO @AshokChander’s take on the “Startup Rockstar” speakers at #MCBootCamp”@masschallenge:
??Cellanyx Diagnostics?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Judged sales pitches tonight @masschallenge great group of finalists can’t wait to see how they progress this summer??
??Meredith Childs?6 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Wednesday – Marketing, Powered by MITX??
Wednesdays theme was “Marketing”, sponsored by our fantastic partner MITX, featuring excellent keynotes from Holland Mark CEO Chris Colbert, RF Binder Senior Managing Director Gerald White, Actifio CMO Michael Troiano, HubSpot Inbound Marketing Evangelist Laura Fitton, and Founder & CEO at Kibits Corp. Matt Cutler.?
Listening to Chris Colbert of Holland Mark talk about the “One Simple Thing” @masschallenge Distill OST to one word.
??Stamatis Astra?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?”If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein @masschallenge#chriscolbert #markholland??
Stamatis Astra?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Everything about your brand should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. Ask, ‘What problem are we really trying to solve? Does the world see this as a real problem? Do we really understand our customer and category? Have we ever bought what were selling?’ You need to know your customers, your competition, and your own capabilities.” – Chris Colbert?
@hollandmark Great talk this morning about marketing/positioning @masschallenge @MITX – it’s all about the love. #MC2012??
??Design Museum Boston?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Thank you to @cmcolbert and again to@masschallenge. Our #OST: we help students avoid losing their digital files.
??Memory on Hand?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Hope you absorbed a lot! RT @masschallenge: Absorbing words of PR wisdom from @RFBinder’s@gkimberwhite. #MCBootCamp??
??RF|Binder?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“PR is the UI of your company, the interface people use to access and interact with you.Good PR is being able to tell an emotional story about your company that stirs peoples interest.” – Gerald White?
?If you aren’t at @masschallenge today to hear Mr@miketrap lay some #knowledge, you might as well just quit now…??
??Mark Frushour?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Even when things look like theyre going really smoothly, be open to change. You need to focus on why, not what. ‘What’ is a function of ‘Why.’ ‘What’ will very likely change, but your company will persevere for ‘Why.’ Dont change core proposition that drives the team.” – Mike Troiano?
@miketrap killing it to a packed house at@MassChallenge Boot Camp marketing day #MC2012#MITX
Karl Btner?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Thanks for all the Tweet love after @masschallenge#MCBootcamp, folks. You can grab the presentation here: Go get ’em.??
??Michael Troiano?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?”Marketing in 2 words: Be Useful” – @Pistachio#MCBootCamp??
?MassChallenge?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Create valuable content in marketing, material people can do something with. Listen to your customers. Learn, care and serve. Make the customer the hero of your story.” – Laura Fitton?
“You want fans, you want people that are really engaged.” & you need to provide a value to your audience. @Pistachio @masschallenge??
??Design Museum Boston?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
As promised to the lovely folks i got to meet last wednesday afternoon at… via @slideshare??
Laura Fitton?2 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Thoughts generally dont start conversation. Data is what gets people talking. It is the great equalizer that will bring you to higher levels. Possessing relevant data will make your marketing powerful.” – Matt Cutler?
?”The best marketers in the world are unsure of themselves” – @mcutler #MCBootCamp??
??MassChallenge?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Putting our stamp on @MassChallenge. Come Visit Us In The #bluecommunity
Memory on Hand?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Overwhelmed by the level, quality and desire to help of@masschallenge mentors, staff, interns and fellow finalists. #MCBootCamp??
??Brad McNamara?5 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Thursday – Finance, Powered by The Capital Network?Thursday – Finance, Powered by The Capital Network??
Thursday focused on Funding, sponsored by The Capital Network, starting with a presentation from Foley & Lardner LLP Partner Gabor Garai and Flybridge Capital Partners General Partner Jeff Bussgang and an informational panel “Funding Options – What is the Right Path For You”, followed by another panel in the afternoon, “Angel and Venture Term Sheets”.??
?@bussgang kicking off @masschallenge bootcamp day 4: mastering the art of vc #startups
??ubiqi?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Fundraising is like a sales process. You need to tell and convince the investor to trust you, know you will be a steward of their capital. Commitment is key. Don’t tell investors things. Show the VC you are a worthy entrepreneur.” – Jeff Bussgang?
“If you are here right now, you are a little crazy.” -@Bussgang to @masschallenge participants. Yes!??
??Parul Singh?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Front row seats to @bussgang’s talk today at #MC2012cc @masschallenge Does it get any better?
??Joe?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Be careful when receiving money. Do not sign term sheets without reading them carefully. If you don’t fully understand them, hire somebody who does.” – TCN Funding Panel?
?Board mtg then walking across the street for@TCNupdate funding day @masschallenge. Love the view down here
Meredith Childs?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?RT @masschallenge: “Passion and commitment. These are the greatest indicators of success.” -@flybridgecap‘s …
??Felipe ValenciaDongo?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Funding Options w @GoldenSeeds @lizbrownsf@danallred @startupboston starting in two minutes… Buckle up @masschallenge!??
??The Capital Network?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?@startupboston dishing out finance/funding knowledge with @dgallred, @DanH1974, Liz Brown, & Larry Nannis @masschallenge #PerspectivesGalore??
??Ben Yudysky?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Take this as a rule of thumb: If you have a great idea, youre probably going to end up changing it.” – Jerry King?
Great questions at #mcbootcamp @TCNupdate (5) Term sheets are like “” – never lie to attract mates
??Jeremy Halpern?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Great views & incredible networking at@masschallenge Mentor Matching last night! Thanks@FoleyandLardner for hosting!
Mackenzie Thomas?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
?Looking for copies of today’s slides from@masschallenge #mcbootcamp? Find them
??The Capital Network?4 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
Friday – Development??
The final day of Boot Camp brought the Finalists to the fantastic offices of Boot Camp sponsor, Foley & Lardner for a day of breakout sessions. Special thanks to Boston Beer Company.
Topics included: Building your Board, Hiring Developers, Getting the Most of Mentors, Design & Startups, LinkedIn, How to Use Lawyers and Legal Help, and CEO Advice from MassChallenge Alumni.???
“By carefully managing and planning the construction of boards and coordinating their activities, management should seek to put together a group of experts that will suit the companys needs.” – Bob Gervis ?
That’s @LaunchpadVG’s Bob Gervis schooling@masschallenge on Boards & Advisory Bs. Standing room only, @cmirabile
The Capital Network?3 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“The three most important things for a CEO and a board are communication, communication, and communication.” – Bob Gervis?
?we just had a great conversation @masschallenge#mcbootcamp with @ideo @_Continuum and Artaic at this morning’s Design for Startups panel??
??Analogue Studio?3 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“Designing a product is in a way like telling a story. Your product will tell customers the idea the company wants to express and the reason it exists.” – Design Panel?
?Learning about LinkedIn and other networking platforms at @masschallenge boot camp!??
??Florenza Phung?3 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“LinkedIn doesnt necessarily grow your network. It helps you get more use out of it. The key to getting the most out of the service is replicating your real-life network online.” – David Gowel?
The team is at the last day of #MC2012 boot camp! Here’s CEO Dave on a panel with 2011 @masschallengefinalists:
??Vsnap?3 days ago???ReplyRetweet?
“As CEO, you need to be the leader, to know how to take a hit. You have to be remain stable as the internal and external face of your company.You also must know when to give control to other people. Your job is to do whats best for the company.” – CEO Advice Panel??
#MC2012 finalists: Put together a list w/most of the#MCBootCamp speakers – Send a thank you or perhaps a vsnap! :)??
??Vsnap?2 days ago???ReplyRetweet?

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