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MassChallenge Alumni are Forbes 30 Under 30





Christine Souffrant, 26

Retail & ECommerce

Christine foundedVendedy, a social enterprise startup that aims to tackle poverty, digitizing the Street Vending Industry. Vendedy connects global travelers to rural poor artisan designs in real time.

Boston 2015 Finalist,

$15,000 winner Mastercard Business Elevator Pitch 2015




Thomas McAffe, 29

Consumer Tech

Thomas, a social network for LGBT of all ages that uses a proprietary recommendation engine, helping users connect/identify whats current and popular in the LGBT community.

Boston 2012 Finalist

The Gay App You Can Bring Home to Mom, has raised $1 million from various sources including Peter Thiel, Keith Rabois, Stanford Universitys StartX, and Harvard Innovation Lab.




Igor Brantikov and Polina Raygorodskaya, 29

Consumer Tech

Igor and Polina co-foundedWanderu, the largest ground travel search in North America that helps consumers to quickly and easily find great deals on inter-city bus and train travel.

Boston 2012 Finalist

The company has partnership with all major bus companies and has raised $5.6 million. They are now planning to expand in Mexico.




Rebecca Liebman, 22


Rebecca co-foundedLearnLux, a startup that creates online learning tools to empower Millennials to take control of their finances. LearnLux is on a mission to make financial literacy a priority.

Boston 2015 Finalist

The company has received funding from the Dorm Room fund in the fall 2015.




Sampriti Bhattacharyya, 28

Manufacturing & Industry

Sampriti foundedHydroSwarm, an underwater intelligence platform that uses robots to scan the ocean, find new sources of oil, and measure oil spills or radiation.

Boston Gold Winner 2015

At present they are developing a prototype of an underwater drone, which will be able to explore and accumulate data of unchartered ocean landscapes.




Ben Harvatine, 24


Ben foundedJolt Athletics, a healthcare startup that provides wearable sensors for athletes to track head impacts in real-time. Sensors are connected to a mobile app that immediately alerts parents and coaches in the event of a dangerous impact.

Boston 2014 Finalist

Arch Grants 2014 Winner




Anoop Jain, 28

Social Entrepreneurs

AnoopfoundedSHRI, a startup that fights alongside communities in rural India, to ensure equal access to essential health infrastructure. SHRI uses a technology that converts human waste into energy in order to run a water filtration system installed through a partnership with Drinkwell Systems.

Boston Diamond Winner 2015

Y Combinator Programme 2016




Lucy Stonehill, 29


Lucy co-foundedBridge-U, a software platform that renders the U.S. university preparation & application experience more personalized. London-based, bridge-U uses predictive analytics to better prepare students for their decisions on next stage of their education and early career.

Boston 2014 Finalist

Bridge-U has recently announced a seed round of $2.5 million led by Octopus investments. The companyattracts users across 16 countries.




James Roy-Poulter, 28

Retail & ECommerce

James co-foundedPronto, a start-up that delivers in less than 30 minutes health, local and freshly made food in the most environmentally friendly packaging. Pronto offers the simplest ordering experience with no delivery fee.

UK 2015 Finalist

Pronto has raised $1.6 million in seed funding. Investors include Seedcamp and Playfair Capital.




Rose Wang and Laura DAsaro, 24 and 25

Social Entrepreneurs

Rose and Laura co-foundedSix Foods, a startup that provides healthy and sustainable foods using insects. Their mission is to substitute animal protein with insect protein, converting livestock farming to insect farming in order to reduce land and water usage, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Boston Gold Winner 2015

2015 Echoing Green Fellows, they raised $70,000 and launched their first product Chirps Cricket Chips

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