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MassChallenge Boston Partners Award $100,000…

Entrepreneurs are the value creators for society, creatively tackling the worlds biggest problems across industries and driving growth, job creation, and optimism along the way. This years cohort of 128 promising companies is no exception. Whether theyre developing safer and longer-lasting batteries or fostering civic engagement – its clear even at an early stage that startups have the power to create global impact.   

To further accelerate their efforts, MassChallenges community of partners awarded a total of $100,000 to 20 promising companies. In addition to equity-free scholarships, selected startups also receive an opportunity for deeper engagement with partners, which included expert mentorship, co-developments, pilots, potential investments, and more. 

The scholarship program enables Microsoft to build lasting relationships with civic tech startups around the world, said Cathy Wissink, Director of Civic Engagement at Microsoft Corp. By connecting Microsoft resources with the needs of startups, were helping global innovators build new opportunities for the communities they serve.

With this support, startups have had an opportunity to focus on scaling their businesses throughout the four-month accelerator, rather than worry about the financial burdens involved with launching and growing a company.

The scholarship program is a great opportunity for P&G to bring focus to the importance of innovation and technology development in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, said Armando Hurtado, Group Head at Procter & Gamble. The winning startups are excellent examples of innovation in this space and how technology can be used to help consumers find the right products for them.

We are proud to announce the 2017 MassChallenge Boston scholarship recipients: 

Cydan Development Scholarship for Rare Diseases
Identifies and supports startups that are targeting genetic conditions and are accelerating the development of therapeutics and diagnosis of such disorders.

Akanocure introduces second generation small molecules (SGSM) as breakthrough therapeutics for orphan and unmet needs in cancer

CareAline creates functional line and risk management garments for PICC and Central Lines

Cellino enables gene editing with lasers and nanotechnology

GliaPharm (MC Switzerland) develops innovative treatments for neurological disorders

ReviveMed translates data from small molecules to therapeutics using machine learning 

EYP Scholarship for Design Innovation
Identifies and supports startups that inspire creativity and problem-solving through design.

State of Place uses predictive analysis to quantify what people love about places and why it makes economic sense to make them better   

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Scholarship
Identifies and supports startups in Massachusetts that are developing and commercializing technologies that contribute to the advancement of clean energy & water innovation

Alkemy Environmental recycles industrial waste into concrete aggregate

Kulisha works with food and beverage companies to convert organic waste into a sustainable, insect protein for animal feeds

Lithio Storage develops flexible, self-healing, and longer lasting batteries for use in wearable devices

Peroxygen Systems Inc. produces hydrogen peroxide on-site at half the cost of conventional methods

Proper Pipe Inc. Stealth

OffGridBox builds modular and compact units that provide renewable energy and treated water in remote areas

Upstream Tech monitors and measures freshwater resources from space with machine learning and satellite imagery

Microsoft Scholarship for Civic Innovation
Identifies and supports startups that help public officials deliver improved services to private citizens and enhance government effectiveness.  

DropZone for Veterans  matches the military community with personalized, high-impact resources, benefits, and opportunities

GEMS creates tech-enabled stations that provide highly reliable access to life-saving medications and supplies when every second counts

Nesterly enables older homeowners to rent their spare rooms to young people in exchange for help around the house

Voatz creates a mobile election voting platform that is secured via smart biometrics, real time ID verification, and blockchain  

Vox Pop Labs uses advancements in artificial intelligence to create online spaces that foster civic engagement and democratic citizenship

P&G Scholarship for Consumer Products Innovation
Identifies and supports startups that have potential relevance to the global grooming business with Gillette as well as improving design, manufacturing, marketing, and/or usage of P&Gs core areas of interest.

Giaran develops simple, instant, and affordable software and hardware to virtually sample makeup in real-time in person, online, or on-the-go

Nutrimedy changes the way people access expert personalized dietitian counseling to address the epidemic burden of U.S. chronic disease


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