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MassChallenge Goes Inbound


I think the most incredible part of the conference was the people who were attending.  Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable.  I even got to talk to Dharmesh for over a half an hour about starting a company and how to make sure we don’t miss any opportunity offered to us.  – Gregory Zoeller, Verbal Applications


“I’m a big fan of Kathy Sierra’s blog and I loved her first session around the importance of the post-UX UX. After your customer has finished using your product and stepped out into the world, what superpowers have you given them?” – Trish Fontanilla, Vsnap
“Beth Dunn from Hubspot’s UX team gave a clever 15 minute presentation on “how to be a writing god,” which answered my biggest question from the conference–how do you find time to produce great content with dozens of competing priorities. For her, the key is to focus on one quality piece of content per day. Whether that’s a tweet, FB post or blog, you need repetition and consistency.” – Ryan Selkis, Good-Benefits
“My top Inbound moment was Dharmesh Shah’s keynote speech.  He was so entertaining and informative that I was spellbound.  It’s easy to see how Hubspot has so successfully evolved inbound marketing– he was very captivating and really managed to get and hold one’s attention.  Now, I have to learn to do the same!” – Katie Van Adzin, ServiceRoute
“The most compelling takeaway from Inbound, for me at least, was Dharmesh’s assertion that customer satisfaction is not the goal – the goal is customer delightion. The customer needs to be more than just satisfied, but a screaming groupie of your product or service. Use your data correctly, identify the needs of your customers, and address those needs before they realize they even have them.” – Jibran Malek, MassChallenge
“Loved the session of Brian Wong, a 23 year old serial entrepreneur, about the “power of moments” and how every company should think about which moment they could own in a customers (daily) life. Another highlight was Porter Gales (ex-Virgin America head of marketing) speech about content marketing and the importance of transparency and authenticness  when creating online material”. – Sandro Meyer, Flatev
Sonya Pelia describes her amazing success story in building a comprehensive social media marketing effort for Thermo Fisher Scientific. From a science background and no marketing experience beforehand, she figured out how to gain a wide range of enthusiastic readers — she has over 100,000 views of her 450 blog posts. Not only did she present how she is driving 30% of the sales ready leads from the website, but she shared her knowledge and wisdom to all — she met and talked with each one of us in the audience to answer our specific questions and encouraged us to reach out to her personally. – Henry Kimball, MouseHouse
“One of my favorite sessions from inbound13 was Marcus Sheridan (the Pool Guy). He was dynamic in his message calling all companies to be transparent by delivering approachable and genuine content. People on the internet get frustrated when their searches dont answer their questions. Sheridan emphasised focusing on unbiased information focusing on the objective. Give people the information they are seeking and dont bury your head in the sand!” – Jessica Cann, MassChallenge

There is no such thing as too much innovation – Laura Fitton

“Scott Harrison’s keynote was a major lesson in storytelling. I think part of why Charity: Water is a top nonprofit is because they deliver messages wrapped in genuine emotion – utilizing stunning visuals, simple language and people-focused stories. They do remarkable work and any entrepreneur or marketer can learn from how Scott tells his story”. – Robby Bitting, MassChallenge
“A conference run by marketers should be larger than life, right? Yes and no. Inbound was real. It was fun and exciting and huge, but, more than anything else, it was meaningful. The speakers cared. The talks discussed tactful business, but, more than anything else, they urged compassion. The root of inbound marketing is human connection.
Social media will dominate marketing and advertising soon, but, more than anything else, it will bring people and companies together to create a more united global marketplace. At Inbound13, I learned that the future of big business is big compassion. I learned that all ‘big data’ and Hubspot’s ‘Social Inbox’ and the inbound marketing mentality translate to is hope for mankind.” – Brian Greenfield, Energy Intelligence
So much inspiration crammed in one week! We look forward for more next year at Inbound14. Thanks, Hubspot!


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