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The MassChallenge Holiday Gift Guide

The MassChallenge Holiday Gift Catalogue


Gadgets, Stocking Stuffers, and more!

If you know people who just want to sing “Shake It Off” in the comfort of their shower but are too afraid of exposing their phones to water damage, try getting them a Speaker Creature fromOnHand.
Zootility Tools‘ wallet-sized PocketMonkey will make you a hero at any social gathering you attend. Not only does it include 12 awesome functions, but it’s also TSA-compliant for all the travelers out there!
For anyone on your list who is into sustainability and is looking for a comfortable personalization option for their tablet or laptop,
is the product for you!

Pet owners will love this.PetSimpl‘s Pip device is a small GPS and activity tracker for dogs and cats with great battery life, nationwide coverage and added connectivity.

Unlike other, clunkier, subscription-based tracking devices that are uncomfortable for your pet, Pip has no monthly fees and will constantly be upgraded with new features!

Don’t miss out!

For your friends with feline friends!
100% biodegradable, contained, disposable, and convenient,
Litter Oneis a fantastic product for those with cats who don’t nessecarily have the time to maintain a litter box. Bonus: it’s also odorless!
This 100% pure Moringa oil is the best anti-aging and healing product the market has seen.
This is a perfect gift for those on your list that are both health-conscious and world-conscious, as every purchase of aMoringaConnectproduct supports the smallholder farmers in Ghana that the oil is sourced from!
This is a compost bin on steroids! Help save the Earth by giving the gift of “ick-free” recycling.Ecotonix‘s Green Cycler makes composting quick and convenient by starting the process in your kitchen or pantry.
Spruce up your home or the home of a friend with beautiful art curated byArtLifting. Abstract, edgy, black & white, and even cityscapes, the team from ArtLifting has found awe-inspiring art created by the homeless and disabled.
Jumpstart a New Year’s resolution by purchasing a month-long membership to the
Artisan’s Asylum is the place to be if you know someone that wants to learn a new skill such as woodworking, 3D printing, sewing, bicycle building, and more! You name it, and the Artisan’s Asylum will give you the tools to create it.

Telling time shouldn’t require sight, and
Eone‘s Bradley watch does just that. This watch isdesigned so you can tell time discreetly — just by touch.
Produced by twenty-something millennials for twenty-something millennials,OnHand‘s USB wristbands offer both utility and style for the college student or the young entrepreneur in your life.
Winter is coming, and with winter, the SADs (seasonal affective disorder)!
is a wearable device invented by MDs that tracks your light & UV exposure to improve energy, mood & sleep.
Easily measure brain health and performance with
The revolutionary nuema watchmeasures the autonomic nervous system while blending into daily life demands


transforms vintage Indian saris into stylish eco fashion!
Go braless this Holiday season and feel confident and comfortablewith
works with veterans to create durable & fashionable bags from recycled military fabrics.

Dazzle anyone on your gift list with an S&P Bag!

Thinxcreates thoughtful underwear designed for that time of the month!
Each underwear purchase also secures 7 pads for underprivileged girls.
Design it and get it made with
This MassChallenge alum allows shoppers to customize their clothing to give it a little personality.
designshigh-tech performance professional clothing for men. Infused with NASA technology, MoS shirts are stylish and utilitarian.
For the cycling fanatics on your list, guaranteetheir safety and performance with
protective apparel fromPegasus Performance.
Give the gift that’s sure to fit with a dress shirt from
Blank Label.A new year means new style and this 2011 MassChallenge Alumni startup aims to please!
With the proper support, anything is possible!
Lynx Sportswear

provides amazing, anti-gravity support for large-breasted women.
Luxury footwear that is ultra-comfortable and affordable is now more accessible than ever with
Peachhas a fresh approach to lingerie and basics. Each bra comes with a perfect-fit guarantee.


If there is a vegan in your life that feels bad about being left out of delicious lunches and dinners,
Asulia Foodslevels the playing field!
Being gluten-free doesn’t have to mean the abandonment of satisfying your taste-buds. Creamy, chewy, and healthy,Cocomamais a perfect product for the health-nut.
You haven’t experienced corn chips until you’ve had real sweet corn from
These chips actually taste you are eating real sweet corn!
Just because you’re not in Greece doesn’t mean you can’t get iced tea that’s Yia Yia approved. Enter,ZOOS!

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