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The MassChallenge School Survival Guide

Math is fun! Thanks to these teams, that might just come true.
Lets be real here: math is not all that fun. However, if you are looking for a unique way to teach it to youths, look no further than NBA Math Hoops. By using fun and effective educational tools that harness the power of the NBA, the board game looks to greatly improve math literacy.
Native Brain is for the students who might get distracted by their iPad. They develop apps to help kids learn, love and master math. The best part: the students will think theyre just playing games the whole time!
Improve your studying efficiency
If you are trying to study for tests, be sure to check out Gradeable, a revolutionary mobile education assistant. It enables practices that increase test scores by as much as 29% – if you used NBA Math Hoops, you definitely know what that means!
Still looking to improve your study habits? Prepmatic is a web application that helps simplify the memorization process. Through actively engaging students in studying, test material can be learned quicker and more efficiently.
Trying to look cool
Worried about looking nice to impress your professors? Dont sweat it Ministry of Supply has you covered.  They engineered a new material to create anti-odor, sweat-wicking and wrinkle-free business wear.
Memory on Hand is key for anyone who needs to combine convenience with style. Update: Memory on Hand is key for everyone. Their USB wristband allows you to carry information anywhere your studies may take you, while providing a wide variety of awesome colors and logos.
OMG WHAT IS ROBBY GONNA SAY IF I WEAR THIS OUTFIT? Calm down girls – Zoora allows women to customize their favorite looks before purchasing them. They allow for customization of style, fit, hems, sleeves, colors, fabric and detailing. By solving this problem for women while attracting emerging designers, they help both consumers and providers of modern fashion.

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