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MC Finalists Slip Into Summer

Summer brings many colors out in people that maybe wouldnt appear in cooler months. The air, smell and feeling of summer are full of freshness and is expressed in how we carry ourselves and especially in how we adorn ourselves. Lallitara knows all about clothing charged with the spirit of renewal, bringing punchy colors out in new style. This MC Finalist creates modern looks through clothing made from material that comes from reclaimed saris sourced from Indias sari collectors. By doing this, Lallitara helps support the recycling tradition of rag-and-bone men and women.
Wearing clothing for a purpose is a very important statement. Summer is a great time to do this for its short season and influence on peoples mood. People are able to be a little more open to style in the summer months. MC Finalist Sword & Plough is an all seasons accessory that has a goal in mind. Taking military surplus and turning it into fashionable bags, Sword & Plough is able to employ veterans by making a product that can be carried by anyone.
Summer is also a season where you want to feel no restrictions. Its supposed to be easy and you want your clothes to feel that way too. Comfort is a huge part of enjoying the carefree mentality of summer time. Many women out there may think comfort in clothing refers to anything they can wear without a bra. This is what Mariwear believes and they are showing us girls just how to do it with a clothing line that keeps all the support and shape as if you were wearing a bra, but without the uncomfortable hardware. 
If you thought MC Finalists only started at the top, think again – weve got the bottoms too. THINX has created smart underwear, which embraces femininity and fulfills the need of feeling protected during, what could be, the most embarrassing time of the month. There is no need for shame while wearing THINX underwear, which is stain/leak resistant, anti-microbial & moisture wicking, keeping you safe and protecting your clothing. These arent granny panties; THINX produces underwear that is comfortable and feminine, allowing women to feel beautiful.
In many cases, summer may be a time for sizing up or sizing down in garments, usually depending upon our consumption over the long winter. Nothing to worry about! MC Finalist Dressformer has a solution that is quite fitting. When buying new clothes online you can now step into Dressformers virtual fitting room and see your figure in the latest fashions based on your actual measurements, maximizing your experience and reducing the amount of returns. Dressformer is selling its 3D technology to retail locations like Macys.
Now that we are snug into the summer season we can fully indulge in all of these retail-facing Finalists. Each of these Finalists brings confidence to consumers and allows comfort in everyday living. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for news about our fashion forward Finalists. I know I cant wait to scoop up some of these hot items and stomp it out on the streets of summer, looking my best.

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