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What Challenges do MassChallenge FinTech Partners Want to Solve in 2020?


MassChallenge FinTech believes that together, enterprises and startups can accomplish much more than they can alone. But we don’t just match our partners with fintech startups and see what happens – we’re dedicated to intentional partnerships that drive real results from Day 1 (see our 2019 Impact Report here).


Each partnership begins with a Reverse Pitch, where each of our 11 Challenge Partners broadcast top business challenges they’re looking for startups to help them solve (scroll down to see their 2020 challenges). These challenges are broad and provide a multitude of opportunities for partnership – above all, MCFT and our partners are looking to work with startups actively shaping the future of financial services.


Think you might be a good fit for our program? We’re looking for enterprise-ready startups from the broad landscape of fintech. Here’s what some of our MCFT19 Alumni have to say:

What advice would you give to startups considering applying to MCFT?

“Our advice would be to take advantage of the program as much as possible. There are phenomenal resources, mentors, an intern program through Brandeis, events and networking opportunities. Specifically, we found a key part of success in the process was to get engaged as soon as you are paired with a partner as the time goes by quickly. Immerse yourself in MCFT and enjoy the experience!” – Greg Woolf, Founder and CEO,

“My advice: Take the leap & dive in, trying to be open to relationships with partners and other startup companies in the program. We gained so much from working with our partners and leveraging their industry knowledge. Also MCFT introduced us to several other opportunities beyond what we anticipated from the program.” — Karan Kashyap, Co-Founder and CEO, Posh

“Ask questions of the champions so you understand what they care about, and ensure there is alignment with your company’s top goals and priorities.  I would do this with any potential partner, not just for MCFT!” — Suelin Chen, Founder and CEO, Cake

“Be ready to get deals done.” — Alain Glanzman, Co-Founder and CEO, WalletFi

“MCFT is a phenomenal platform to help validate and expose your startup to the market. Come prepared with a functioning MVP or v1 and ready to run fast to capture all the success opportunities they provide.” — Justin Witz, Co-Founder and CEO, Catapult HQ

How has MCFT impacted your business?

“MCFT has impacted our business by giving us the opportunity to explore our relationship with our partner beyond the proof of concept, expanded our presence in the FinTech community and introduced us to new opportunities. It has also impacted our business by helping us prepare our go to market strategy and how to be enterprise ready.” — Greg Woolf, Founder and CEO,

“Some of our most valuable relationships have come from MCFT; we continue to work with Fidelity, AARP, and MassMutual, which is incredibly exciting.” — Suelin Chen, Co-Founder and CEO, Cake

“MCFT granted us access to a community of resources with experience not only in start ups, but also with deep financial services knowledge. This enabled us to connect with potential partners that understood the space and our goals, and solicit valuable feedback.” — Alain Glanzman, Co-Founder and CEO, WalletFi

“MCFT has provided the assurance of our market fit, identified mentors/vendors who are a great use case and actually secured them onto our platform. This has turned into sales and user growth activity which has been powerful through our raising efforts.” — Justin Witz, Co-Founder and CEO, Catapult HQ














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