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Minute to Pitch It: A Recap

Minute to Pitch It (#Min2Pitch) was a huge success! Last night, the 48 Finalists made a 60 second pitch to a crowd of fellow entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. Go over time? To bad! The gong rang at one minute and the next Finalist was up. Consider it like speed dating for startups; one after another, the crowd was wowed with innovative ideas and mind blowing product solutions.

The pressures on as MassChallenge moves into two more rounds of judging followed by the October 23 Awards Ceremony! And while theres still 8 weeks left in the Accelerator, this event was great practice for the Finalists.
Not only did the pitches convey the Finalists innovative products/services, but also the pitches themselves were highly creative. LookFlix was looking snazzy in their pink suits, Lifeables had magical social balloons, and GRIT demoed their off-road wheelchair! It was definitely an interesting night. Heres what some of the Finalists and guests had to say:
The people walking up & down Fan Pier talking to themselves? They’re just entrepreneurs practicing for#Min2Pitch tonight at @MassChallenge.
Love the outfits! @lookflix bringing fashion to your fingertips #min2pitch
About to spotlight Atomic Tower @MassChallenge#min2pitch Good luck me!
Waiting in the wings to pitch @Vsnap.
Sending a vsnap while she pitches @Vsnap@trishofthetrade knows how to say a lot in one minute#min2pitch
Best part about #Min2Pitch is seeing my@MassChallenge neighbors with services that I want and need! This minute it’s
Awesome ideas and companies at #min2pitch@MassChallenge! Thanks for coming @djcap!
Eating a bacon cheeseburger, writing a press release and listening to the Minute to Pitch It competition at@MassChallenge. #workfun
.lbonsaidesign is reducing toothbrush waste “toothbrushes suck!” #min2pitch
.@lifeables using props to help us visualize how they bring it all together
Congrats to all the @MassChallenge teams that practiced pitching 2nite to a large crowd — well done!

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