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The Nina, The Pinta, and the Startup Maria

Happy Columbus Day! Like the great explorer of old, people are driven to explore new and unmarked territory. Here are some high impact startups that seek to help you do just that: 
Global Research Innovation & Technology (GRIT) has a very innovative response to wheelchair mobility on rough terrain. It uses a lever drivetrain made from bike parts, enabling users to travel 75% faster than a conventional wheelchair. Remove the levers and it becomes a regular wheelchair for indoor use.
Ever been on public transportation and thought I could have been there twenty minutes faster if we just went my way? RouteSprout is an innovative approach to inter-city and event transportation that solves your problem. It allows the public to create and develop their own routes using popular demand. When enough seats are reserved, a modern transit vehicle is dispatched for the trip.
TripReactor seamlessly blends commercial and editorial travel content. The best part? There are no more intrusive ads and banners like you normally find on a travel site. Find relevant product offerings and get your trip started!
Bus and train travel can be a real pain, so think of Wanderu as your travel morphine! Wanderu is a Kayak-like ground travel search that lets you find and book buses and trains. Whether you are traveling intercity or across the country, Wanderu makes life easier.
Looking to explore?  Roammeo is a website and app that helps you discover the best events for you, in real-time, based on your interests and where you’re standing.
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