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One Easy Exercise to Help Build Your Startup…

1. Take three pieces of paper, fold them in half into booklets and label them I believe, I intend and I invent.

2. What do you believe? 

    In the I believe booklet, write what you believe by completing as many sentences as you can that begin with I believe ___. Try to avoid using the word in because those sentences get tied to personal values. For example, instead of I believe in creativity, try something like I believe people want to help each other complete their creative projects.

3. What do you intend? 
    In the I intend booklet, write down your intentions by completing as many sentences as you can that begin with I intend to help people ___.
4. What do you invent? 
   Think about a time in your life where you helped someone it can be small, something you do daily. When you help someone you are acting on your beliefs and your intention, inventing little innovations. Use those stories to complete sentences beginning with I invent ___.
5. Keep writing in your booklets as you continue building your startup. You’ll uncover new beliefs, intentions and inventions as your startup progresses. 
What does Bill Warner really mean by following your heart? See his talk at TEDxBoston below to see how he looks at the founding of two of his own companies: Avid and Wildfire. You can follow Bill on Twitter @billwarner and on his personal blog

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