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Here are some key ideas we took from her lecture:

Most startups operate on a limited budget and therefore assume theyre excluded from the video marketing space. But marketing through videos may be more accessible than it seems!
The most successful video marketers post upwards of 300 videos to their YouTube channel. Initially this seems daunting, but Yelena stresses the importance of interesting content above perfect cinematography. Dont spend thousands of dollars on equipment. Insead, decide what your message is, create a story around it, then take footage that conveys that story. To save money, invest in a professional editor and shoot the video yourself!
Spend time optimizing your content for publication and follow these four steps to effective video creation and marketing:
Video is the most social medium. It reveals the brands passion and authenticity while describing the product or service. Effective videos will build customer trust and tell a story. Instead of telling the customer what your product is, describe how the product/service can enhance the customers life.  Finally, make your call-to-action extremely clear; the viewer should have no trouble linking to your landing page or product site.
Video is your asset so first publish where your customers are, then expand to the masses. Post to free, third-party sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, and viddler. And if resources allow, host the video on your companys site using paid players like brightcove, Kaltura, or Wistia.
Whether posted or hosted, your video should be optimized for search engine indexing. For hosted videos, this means creating a video map (detailed description of video topic that allows for search engine indexing that is submitted to Google, Bing, etc. Posted videos should include topical titles, numerous tags, and be added to playlists.
Also, include your video on all available outlets: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, homepage, and blogs.
All marketing campaigns should be measurable. For video, this means tracking views and click-throughs to company landing pages.  Hosted video players will allow for greater analytical insight than posting platforms, most often the relevant info will be unique views, a feature available on all platforms.

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