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Preview of the MassChallenge Sampler: An…

The MassChallenge Sampler is an opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs to gain access and information from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, mentors (etc.) that will provide value to any startup, in any industry.  We plan to provide practical education and skills to anyone who wants to learn.  We see this as an occasion to showcase what makes the MassChallenge Accelerator special while helping all startups (no matter their admission status) get off on the right foot.  The Sampler is also a chance to meet, question and network with leaders in Bostons dynamic startup community.  We have determined eight essential pillars that every entrepreneur needs to acknowledge of when forming a new business:
Each of the eight episodes will revolve around one of these themes with a bit of a twist.  We arent going to just lay out the bullet points of why each of these pillars are important, we want to dispel the common myths and provide handy tips to better prepare entrepreneurs for the rollercoaster ride they are about to embark on.  So, if you think youre ready or you think you know it all this is your opportunity to find out!

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