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Scholarships for Startup Institutes Fall…


Much like Startup Institute, MassChallenge envisions a creative and inspired society in which everyone recognizes that they can define theirfuture,and is empowered to maximize their impact. MassChallenge works to set early-stage entrepreneurs and companies up for success, but they know that the sum is only as great as its parts. Thats where Startup Institute graduates come in.

To support the growth of their enterprising community, MassChallenge is offering five scholarships to Startup Institutes fall program for members and referrals from their network.

Startup Institute and MassChallenge have always had a shared interest in one anothers missions, and have previously partnered to host events for global startup communities. Our students are frequent visitors to the MassChallenges events and showcases, and return to our program envigorated by the missions and drive of these entrepreneurs; eager to make a difference and help their visions to grow. Furthermore, multiple Startup Institute alumni have gone on to work in MassChallenge companies and the organization as a whole. Both networks are strong, and we believe that they are stronger together.

We love working together, and we want to see our visions amplified. Promoting innovation, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and a roll-up-your-sleeves, go-getters attitude, we believe that these scholarships for SI students will give back to MassChallenge companies and the startup renaissance ten-fold.

Know someone who you think has potential to be an awesome, high-impact startup employee?Send them our waywith scholarship codeMC10014(to be entered at the end of the application).

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