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School is out, but the Finalists are in!

Keep the learning alive this summer by avoiding the brain drain and check out great educational tools created by our finalists:
SchoolYourself is an interactive learning tool, which uses high-quality content and professional expertise to permit users to learn visually in a digital platform, unlike traditional textbooks. Through SchoolYourself people learn differently with a personalized and independent experience.
Giant Otter Technologies created a platform providing realistic, virtual situations, which combat topics like bullying. The goal is to utilize role-playing as a way to build skills that change behavior and improve relationships. This gaming technology is driven by data that allows players to interact in open-ended conversations with characters that can say and understand thousands of lines of dialogue.
Moneythink works to educate urban teens on financial and money related issues. Moneythink saw a need to educate teens with skills in personal finance because of a lack of curriculum in school systems. The Moneythink program teaches teens in financial literacy and entrepreneurship, zoning in on skills like money management, leadership, and goal setting.
Plexx has created a mobile platform that provides skill training to those without degrees to ensure better opportunities for people to gain knowledge, which is needed in order to fill jobs. Plexx has a mission to alleviate the market by strengthening the skills of candidates for entry-level positions and empowering people to find better jobs without a degree.
Monkey in the Middle Apps LLC brings a paperless format of learning to middle school students by combining education with fun. By eliminating worksheets, Monkey in the Middle improves students studies through practical and helpful tools, which provide instant feedback.
LTG Exam Preparation gives students the opportunity to improve their scores on standardized tests, like the GMAT exam, by using a self-learning mobile app. The app prepares people by supporting their learning style and improving results with practice questions that can be answered anywhere the user goes.
Student Success Academy pairs high school students with university student mentors. Mentors guide students in decisions made for college, career, and life. These college students help aid high school students by contributing through relatable characteristics of age, but a higher level of maturity and experience. – Legency SAS works to provide online teaching and curriculum to Spanish and Latin American students. Wedubox offers thousands of courses from 1,800 professors who earn royalties between 50% and 70%.
Technology For Autism Now, Inc. has created mobile applications to aid specific deficits that children with autism encounter. Apps will give adults access to tools that are easily customized to each childs specification.
SitterCycle, LLC gives Nannies the tools they need to become better caregivers and advance their career through online learning. SitterCycle created a way for Nannies to interact and learn from each other through real experiences.
RoundShip works to centralize information about college scholarships in order for students and organizations to efficiently fund education. This process simplifies the application and review process. With RoundShip students can find their college and pay for their tuition easily by linking the student to the scholarship quicker.
Wisr teaches anything from Chemistry to Algebra by engaging through Twitter, chat, SMS and email. Wisr feels that students are more willing to engage through these platforms and for a longer period of time with quick answers to questions.
EdFolio gives students a platform to discover learning opportunities and easily relay to schools, recruiters and employers. EdFolio creates a 2-way channel to allow employers to give information on the skills they need for current positions.
SputnikBot saw a need to build interest among students in computer science and technology. SputnikBots goal is to bridge the gap between the lack of students in this industry and the talent needed to fill the related roles in the market.
Keep up with these finalists and many more by accessing our 2013 Finalist page.

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