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See Why Entrepreneurs Are Choosing MassChallenge: Mentorship and Opportunity


“I learned so much in that four-month period, both professionally and personally. I was able to greatly build upon my business acumen, increase my confidence to sit at the bigger tables and have access to those nuanced cheat codes that are more available to the typical white cis-male entrepreneur. It was a game-changing experience for me.”Janice Omadeke, Founder and CEO of The Mentor Method. 

Throughout the different stages of a startup, specifically the early stages, it can be daunting to determine what the right next step is or how to approach a particular hurdle or the how do I get a meeting with that group solution.

These are the exact types of complexities that MassChallenge tries to aid entrepreneurs in. However, it’s not always obvious what the experience of MassChallenge will be for any given startup, simply because, it’s different for everyone.

MassChallenge is officially known for a handful of specific qualities:

  • Zero equity taken: We’re here strictly to help our participants.
  • Industry agnostic: We accept the most promising startups, that simple. 
  • Mentoring: We provide one on one access to top industry experts and startup allies 
  • Virtual curriculm: Doesn’t matter your location, our network is avilable to you. 
  • Prize awards: And at the end, we give out money!

But often the intangibles of what MassChallenge has to offer can be overlooked. Things like: 

  • A cross-startup, team environment: When you start at MassChallenge you meet and work alongside of other top startups who are experiencing similar hurdles as you. The learning in this environment can be exponential. 
  • Long lasting relationships: In several instances, mentorship relationships last far beyond the program duration where learning and exposure can continue.
  • Alumni community: Finishing the program doesn’t mean it’s completely in your past as there is a robust community of alumni that are active and helpful.

Hear It from Our Startups Themselves

Because text can only do so much, we thought it’d be helpful to see and hear straight from some of startups themselves about their experience at MassChallenge.


pumpspotting is the first-ever social platform and global community for breastfeeding moms. They nourish mothers while they nourish their babies. By feeding women personalized connection, support, encouragement, and places to nurse and pump at every stage from pregnancy through back to work through weaning, pumpspotting makes breastfeeding less isolating and more possible. 

Named a top five app for motherhood by Apple, a world-changing idea by Fast Company, and a top 26 startup by MassChallenge.


Nonspec delivers affordable, adjustable prosthetic limb kits to clinics worldwide. They mass produce easily customizable prostheses that can fit any amputation site. Their initial focus is applying our patented core technology to below knee amputees. 

Their lightweight device allows the same components to be fit to an 8 and an 18-year old and expand as needed to compensate for patient growth, while maintaining comfort. The device can be fit and adjusted with minimal training and equipment.


Cake is the easiest way to think about end-of-life. 100% of people die, but 3 out of 4 of us do not plan for it, which can lead to emotional, physical, and financial suffering. 

Their first-in-class, mobile-friendly web app helps users discover their end-of-life preferences and store and share them online. In addition to the free app, they offer personalized concierge services with end-of-life planning experts. Cake empowers and simplifies.


Rezztek® aims to set a new market standard for professional and amateur hockey players. Rezztek®’s patented material for the hockey stick’s blade allows for better puck control, faster and more accurate shots and is fully customizable to players’ needs. The material also creates a new platform for branding and advertising. 

Rezztek® was developed with Boston Bruins captain, Zdeno Chara, who is a user and passionate supporter.

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