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This Simple Box Serves Up Running Water

Written by Ben Schiller 

Off Grid Box, an Italian startup, was founded to bring clean water and renewable energy to the millions of the people in the world who still live without. The box itself is a simple container, measuring six by six by six feet. With solar panels on top and water treatment inside, it can help remote communities with both off-grid energy and easily accessible filtered water. Founder and CEO Emiliano Cecchini has sold a few of the units, but he worries hes not yet found the formula to take his invention to scale.

Off Grid Box was recently selected for the 2017 cohort of the MassChallenge accelerator program, in Boston, where Cecchini will hone a new business model. Instead of selling units to cool guys and NGOs, it now plans to install them where they are needed and then charge end-customers for access. For a few cents a day, people will able access clean water and clean power at a station continually attended by local people. The new model is pay-as-you-go micro-payments, local contractors, and local empowerment, Cecchini says.

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