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Spotlight on Female Founders: PROPS Athletics


Meet Lauren Siegal, founder and CEO of PROPS Athletics, which creates unique lines of athletic products that are all about fitness, fashion, and function. Born out of the desire to work harder, PROPS Athletics enables active souls to get the most out of every workout  by incorporating a silicone grip that prevents sliding on any surface, protects against calluses, and minimizes germ transfer without any added bulk. 

Why did you apply to MC?
I heard amazing this about MC and wanted to be a part of the MC challenge global network

What’s your personal motto or quote that keeps you pushing ahead?
Everything happens for a reason

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I wanted to own a dance school for children

After work, where can we find you?
Working or getting together with friends and laughing

What do you do every morning to start your day on the right track?
I start the day off by practicing gratitude and drinking a cup of warm water and lemon

Favorite place to eat in Boston?
JP licks … I have a soft spot for ice cream

How many cups of coffee get you through a day?
I actually don’t drink coffee!

Where do you go to get inspiration?
Walking around and enjoying nature always clears my head



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