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Startup Gifts You can Buy Now! Part 2


Eyedoll Chatter

If you have young women on your list, a kit from Eyedoll Chatter would make the perfect stocking stuffer! Each kit contains three scents and three colors that the user can mix and match to create a fully personalized look. With Eyedoll chatter, your gift-reciever’s individiuality will shine!
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Does the word “Global Warming” start making a certain someone on your gifting list sweat? Try giving them one of the most sustainable and unique gifts out there from Lallitara. Textile wastes are some of the top contributors to global greenhouse gasses and Lallitara fights against that by reusing beautiful but abandoned saris in India and turning them into bags, bowties, dresses, and more! Help sustain the planet and bring a smile to the one recieving this gift by buying them something from Lallitara!
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Lynx Sportswear

For the athletes, Lynx is designed to support active women in whatever they do! These versatile, no-bounce, moisture-wikcing sports bras are perfect for the mutli-talented women athletes in your family or circle of friends.
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Pegasus Performance

Pegasus Performance’s products are built for those with a love of all things sport, especially for those who bike. If you know someone that goes straight from bed to bike, buy them some sleek, protective apparel from Pegasus Performance
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Sword & Plough

These are probably the coolest bags ever. “Repurposed for a purpose”, these highly durable bags are repurposed from real millitary gear. These fashionable bags bring the rugged and refined discipline to civilian life. You might even be tempted to get one of these bags for yourself!
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The stockign stuffer for techies, OnHand will make sure your data is with you wherever you go. With slick and stylish USB wristbands, OnHand is the best possible surprise stocking stuffer. It even comes in multiple colors! It’s so stylish, in fact, that those who aren’t “in the loop” will hardly even reccognize it as a USB drive until it’s taken off.
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