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Startup Story: Totolines by Entofoods

Get to know the story of these female entrepreneurs Andrea and Alejandra, founders of Totolines. “I honestly believe that my story as an entrepreneur is just beginning, until recently I realized that I wanted to create something new with a vision that I did not see in the big food industries, and on the side, I also met people who had the same concerns as me and here is where our business idea started” 

We created Totolines, when we realized that food production has a strong impact on the environment, but at the same time food is necessary and yet is not available to everyone. We found that insects are an excellent source of food for their effectiveness, nutrient composition, and low environmental impact. Our goal is to make insects as a daily food plan. 

Our motivation is to create a global impact that can improve the lives of many people through nutrition without compromising our natural resources.

Like any startup, validation is a challenge especially since it is an insect-based food. However, this exploration has helped us to make the right turn and to look for ways of distribution congruent with our value proposition.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can” -Arthur Ashe


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