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Startup Surival Kit: Quora

If youre still reading and havent gone to sign up yet, here are 3 reasons why Quora belongs in your survival kit.

Get Paragraphs, Not One Liners

Users provide thought out paragraphs in almost blog style format. Quora users put a lot of time and effort into their responses. Often times they will cite their sources and provide you with additional material if you wish to do further research. Answers are backed up by Quoras huge community and the strongest answers are selected based on upvotes by others. With this, youll be getting accurate, precise, and sensible answers from those who really care about the feedback they give.


Quora is a very social site that allows you to connect and follow those who you interact with. The home page features a news feed like format which gives you constant updates of questions relevant to you. Tagged topics allow you to receive updates from broader categories (some to follow are startups, entrepreneurship, and startup advice and strategy).
Quora also gamifies its user experience through use of Quora credits. Quora credits are earned when a user receives positive feedback on an answer theyve written or for having asked questions followed by other users, along with other ways as well. These credits can then be spent in order to promote questions youve asked or to direct them at certain users.

Get Answers from the Real Deal

Looking to get advice from the pros? Wondering what Elon Musk eats for breakfast? How about what Zuck thinks about The Social Network? Throw a question out there on Quora and chances are you may get a response from the man himself. If not, youll still receive feedback from professionals who know their facts, have worked with the topic in question, or have great knowledge of the field.
Some entrepreneurs to follow who are particularly active on Quora include, Dustin Moskovitz of Facebook, Jared Kim of and WeGame, and Dharmesh Shah of Hubspot.
Do you know a lot about something? Quora is also the ideal platform for you to build your presence as a real expert in a certain field of knowledge. Answers questions well and accurately allows you to build your reputation on the site, allowing you to be recognized as a go-to point for specific topics.
Overall, Quora is the premiere question and answer platform for entrepreneurs. With results from those who have been there and done that, Quoras answers are more accurate, thorough, and helpful than any other Q&A tool. Add quora to your Startup Survival Kit and get some questions out there.

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