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Startup Touchdown!

The opening drive
All your friends are coming over and they will be expecting snacks. GG’s Originals and Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips have you covered! GG’s Originals whips up delicious gluten-free prepared meals, gourmet potato pancakes and bakery items for all your hungry needs. Want about the chips?? Sweet Corn Chips makes the first chips with real sweet corn on the cob and organic white corn–they’re gluten free, kosher, Youthtrade and non GMO certified, and quite tasty.
It’s been a tough game, frustrations are high, and…oh no, that last bit of ketchup won’t come out of the bottle! All your friend 
wanted was to put ketchup on his hot dog and is now raging at you and everyone else because his difficulty put him over the edge. With Liquiglide this predicament will never dog you again. This team has developed a super-slippery coating platform that will revolutionize the food packaging industry, letting that last bit of ketchup slide right out of the bottle. Disaster averted.
The home team won, but…
Oh no! You’ve missed the finale of your favorite show! You could watch it on Hulu, but who wants to watch The Voice without also reading the 
twitterverse’s hilarious cheers & jeers in real-time? Not to worry! Tomorrowish’s social media DVR has you covered. This team captures and curates social media conversations to play for you when you watch a recorded show or event.
The future of the game
Today’s dreamers need the proper coaching and support to become tomorrow’s stars. Enter CoachUp! This team helps kids achieve their full potential in sports by connecting them with private coaches and professionals, 
ensuring that tomorrow’s game will be as great as today’s.
After the game
While your team won the game on TV, your fantasy football team online is garbage. Stick with what you really know politics! Fantasy Politics applies fantasy football dynamics to the political world.

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