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Startups To Get You Through the Dead of Summer

Everyone knows one of the best parts of summer is the weather. The gorgeous sunny days and warm afternoons are the perfect time to head outdoors or go on a spontaneous adventure. MC FinalistAirPooler is a startup that pairs you together with a pilot who shares the same destination and allows you to share a flight. For unbelievably low costs, you can hitch a ride in an airplane that lets you go three times farther than driving, without the hassle of road tripping!



If you want to find an adventure closer to home you could always stick with good old-fashioned camping. Camping is one of the most beloved summertime activities and is a great way to simultaneously explore your surroundings, appreciate the beauty of summer, and satiate your thirst for adventure. When packing for a camping trip, dont forget to bring your H2Only Battery with you! H2Only Battery has created the only rechargeable battery in the world that is activated with any liquid, including water. Instead of worrying about whether or not your flashlight is going to run out of battery, just bring your H2Only Battery and avoid any sticky situations!



The Pocket Monkey by Zootility Tools is another MC Finalist must-have. The Pocket Monkey is a pocket tool with twelve different functions, something that will definitely come in handy when faced with surviving in the outdoors!


If hiking or camping isnt your thing, there are many other ways to enjoy the outdoors in the summer time. Biking, jogging, wake boarding, sailing – the list goes on and on. If you enjoy a nice summer bike ride through the city or along scenic bike paths, dont forget to use Ashton Instruments‘ high-tech cycling meter. Ashton Instruments’ is currently developing the next generation of cycling power meters, that allow you to track your ride, change how you cycle this summer using this awesome new gadget! 


No matter what outdoor activity you decide to do, make sure to do it the right way with Beat Farm. Beat Farm has created an innovative app that allows you to sync your music to your movements; in other words, you get to Be the Beat. Download the app and use their Jalepe device to use your movements to control your music.  Add your own sport and spend the summer remixing your favorite songs as you go!


Sun bathing is by far one of the best perks of summer and all that vitamin D keeps people naturally healthy and happy! GoodLux Technology has created the first solar-powered personal sun-exposure tracker, SunSprite Light Tracker. The SunSprite tracker helps you make sure that youre getting enough daily sunlight to boost your mood and energy levels! 


Summer nights are always the perfect time to go to a concert with friends. Use Trills website to search the largest database of shows in Boston. Their website allows you to find local shows with ease and receive personalized recommendations for other artists! Good music and great friends make every night one to remember.



From traveling, to biking and hiking, tanning and concerts, the summer is the perfect time to meet new people and make lasting friendships. Maybe its even the perfect time to meet that special someone. Jess Meet Ken, is a new dating website that allows you to play cupid for your friends as well as test the waters yourself. The only thing better than making the most of your summer, is sharing it with someone you care about! 



No matter what you do this summer, youre sure to have a blast and make priceless memories in the process. Make sure these memories last a lifetime with PikMoments. PikMoments, is a camera that specializes in capturing candid moments. The camera is installed in your house and programmed to take a picture when people are laughing and smiling. Keep your happy memories close and remember this summer forever!  


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