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Fish & Richardson sponsored a VIP reception while finalists got situated and set up attractive display tables, demonstrations and posters. VIPs were joined by general admission for drinks, snacks, networking, and over 100 engaging exhibits. From 3D printing demonstrations, website explorations, food samples and much more, finalists provided incredible value to guests by showing how their products really work.  The demonstrations and conversations led to the formation of countless meaningful connections.

Make the most of Networking

Everyone considered the showcase to be a huge success. Many finalists made the most of the showcase by being assertive with networking opportunities. Jeff Valk, President of Admetsys (Advanced Metabolic Systems), suggested reaching out and grabbing people rather than standing timidly behind your display. People are curious and they just give you the eyes but if you ask to tell them more about the product they will always say yes, says Valk.

Another finalist left her display table to take advantage of additional networking opportunities. “You definitely want to walk around and see who is in the room because you never know who you might bump into, says Ryin Bradley, Director of Business Development at Grapevine Logic. Bradley hopes some of her showcase connections will develop into deals and longstanding partnerships.

Whats to Come

The finalists showed off all their progress by implementing the skills theyve learned over the accelerator program thus far and are eager to continue moving forward. Valk said, We are here for relationships and that is what MassChallenge is about for us. Im excited for more conversations with the kind of people at the showcase and others weve met through first, second and third degree connections based on MassChallenge events. 

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