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#StartupStory: Mentes Hiles

Carla and Jos founders of Mentes Hiles, an Addiction Prevention Program in today’s #StartupStory

After I left the university, I worked 5 years at institutions dedicated to the treatment, prevention, and investigation of addictions. I had the entrepreneurial spirit, and after you learn from the best you feel you can do anything.”

Because of this, I decided to invite an old friend from work who is now my partner, JosFerndez, to develop a prevention program that collected what had already worked in other countries. Since 2015, we have been developing the Mentes Hiles manual and methodology and in 2016 we were able to sell our first program in a private school. Little after this, we had the chance to get to know the director of Cinemapark Cinolis who fell in love with our startup and invited us to do our workshops in a project that was financed by the R Arronte Foundation in collaboration with the World Bank.

Early in 2017, we decided to create an EdTech platform out of Mentes Hiles.  

Today, we are a part of MassChallenge Mexico where we have learned all that we need to know in order to make mistakes in an assertive way, and our mentors are a great example to follow. They have helped us make decisions and exploit our creativity; thanks to them, we have seen the light.

You know you can’t stop when you have everything to lose, but there is just one thing you want to win Carla Ferndez de la Fuente

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