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Strong Women Lead

MassChallenge is having a 2013 Women at MassChallenge Showcase coming up on September 23 in order to demonstrate the high-impact of women entrepreneurs.
To highlight the significance of women who lead, take Game of Thrones for example. There are many women characters in this popular HBO series that have the strengths and qualities of true leaders. They embody passion, ambition and drive that further them on their mission. Much like running a startup, when one falters a little, or a lot, it is the core belief inside of them that carries each leader through the industry battle – often uphill.
Here are a few ladies from “Game of Thrones” who could, theoretically, be great business founders:

Lady Catelyn Stark

Being ruler of the nest isnt an easy task. You have to watch over your team, which you may see more than your family, and have faith that they do whats right for the whole. In the case of Catelyn Stark, after her husband, Lord Stark, was beheaded, she assumed the role of protector of her tribe, fighting furiously to save her family name and keep them all together. This fight while building your company often brings us far from home, working sleepless hours to pull in connections, build relationships and make plans for the future. All while the team works, watches, and makes decisions for the homestead while youre gone.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark may be the youngest girl of the Stark family, but she is not one to be passed over. She is not afraid of doing things differently. A judging mind and a free will may take people by surprise, but understanding the road was not built for you to just ride along mindlessly is an important lesson. Being a young startup is not to be taken for granted, or to be afraid of. The conviction you have to succeed, different as you may be, will give you strength and set you apart in the long run. 

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen has had many struggles being labeled an outcast and renegade, but has had great strength in understanding herself and being in touch with her past, present, and future. She is not afraid of leading and standing by her true beliefs. She embraces innovation and is eager to see things through to the end. A startup in its beginnings needs to know its core values better than anyone in order to know where it is going. Dont be afraid of what you bring to the table and look those who dont believe you can push forward in the eye with confidence.

Yara Greyjoy

Having an iron will and loyalty to your cause are great qualities to have when in business for yourself. Yara Greyjoy is a fierce warrior and leader of the Greyjoy Empire, and commander of the sea. She is a woman of power with the ability to do what may seem a mans job. Instead of lying low, people follow her into battle. A founder can take lessons from Yara in motivating the masses to follow you on the startup journey. Yara knows women can rule and be at the top like any other being that walks the earth.  
Women in business have similar qualities of the strong character personas in Game of Thrones. Leaders are not defined by genetics, they grow out of ambition and will. Women are fierce and succeed every day, backing their success with intelligence and creativity. Women should have a place at the top and be recognized for our strength and courage for taking on great ideas and building product and industry for the future. So, dont be afraid to put great ideas forward and start a revolution.

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