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I wanna do something right, but we can do something better

You, as an individual, can do something great. Introduce a team to that equation and youll find yourself on a path to something even greater. The team you build around you will not only provide you with the support you need as you begin to build your company, but with a wealth of ideas and knowledge thatll help you continue to innovate, improve, and do something better.

And we aint trying to save it til later

As entrepreneurs, we know its best not to put things off. Things move quickly in a startup, so saving something for later may mean that it happens too late. Getting something done today will allow you to look yourself in the Mirrors and know youre not a procrastinator. 

You got that lil something I like, A little something Ive been wanting to borrow

JT is obviously shooting for his next round of funding in this rhyme. VCs and Angels have that something you like and, of course, youre looking to borrow. Get out there and begin building those investor relationships, don’t get Tunnel Vision, and keep all options open.

They gon try to shut us down, Ill be damned if we gon let them

As an entrepreneur, the road isnt always going to be easy. Some may try to stop you on your to success and you may experience some amount of failure along the way. During these times of failure, you must always be able to pick yourself up and find ways to innovate and keep going. And remember, to those who try to shut you down, What Goes Around… Comes Around.
Overall JT is bringing SexyBack for your startup. Rock out to Justins awesome advice and make some noise in your industry. 

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