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Ten MassChallenge IoT Companies Turning Heads



QoxTPkU8z9OFFjryMF_eba9EvowZFY5TNjQNoKHnLWQRjFxr8fEHYXVPp6tHfKn0iUBia9GqL3d4hasTvydcQaNTSnyAza_xdwz5zydeWL-avbGB7RV8R86uzBLrX5m6=s1600Alike is a wearable for social networking. It allows guests at an event to discover and connect with each other in person and without the distractions of a phone or computer screen. Before an event, guests create an online profile with their information and personal interests, which are loaded into their wristband. When two people come into close proximity of each other, their devices exchange information and glow to indicate if they are a match.


cYlSxLm3Xq4kwQmj_2hkKO7lHX9l7hWlH33rgJTzpMtqiq1mIUShpvubNrhl0sRbbNUfZFxDaaOX7k1lTOozOGSFwdLrg70nhKqeNo9XRHR2Eo2z3BgOFHTEeqry7Kg=s1600Biorasis is in the business of developing a miniaturized, hypodermic-injectable biosensor for reliable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) with autonomous operation for 3-6 months that requires no user intervention. Our goal is to vastly improve the quality of life of diabetics. Our solution eliminates surgery for sensor implantation and extraction, restores active life style, enables remote care for juveniles and the elderly, enhances compliance, and saves 50-70% in annual healthcare costs.


SdhM3wBEJKW_4LlapeV9rmfrtPWCbYa2i8wlhsdFqG4u1PH9wMVurVZNkhVzkJe-3SUFoZCwF6Rnki_4hvxZG7dip4nb0pHPfCJwveh_w3DQ44TQZKGsEdtaeMVcDn99pQ=s1600Livestock ranchers lack reliable herd information for better decision making. BovControl is a mobile data-collection, coupled with secure data housed [cloud] that improves efficiency and boost profitability. It is changing the way the world produce beef and milk, with a tool to prove they are not destroying the environment.

WTJ6QDMS5zB7rjuZvY0nwN5IcJX6vkuCP7PF75EZX9BeVJ6iCGVi9E1QYRGaZ1FNP-CiQcB9p48DM0Dtxnork6KLfit4nGPT75Xk43qpdukd3Hx9bkp4LenVbY_roJ9p=s1600Early intervention in Parkinsons disease can slow progression for the tens of thousands diagnosed each year, but recognizing early symptoms can still be problematic. is software that exploits finger interactions with personal electronics to generate a novel biometric signal capable of identifying subtle motor decline. This will not only generate valuable personal data for individuals, but also revolutionize tracking of treatment and development of new therapies.

1WmlByMeih4Dp7gCoKILawuFuToAgZTXYAgQGY_DrbCDVEl7tJoU9gFxTgqAi13FP55tRvAK_1m8-p64v11Vnt52noaHOcfG-QOvAoqWv57AkKLC3fDmsb5ZycK0k4VXrw=s1600Nowadays, electronic devices are becoming more and more connected and there is not a platform capable of controlling them as a network. Gesto has a technology capable of controlling electronic devices using gestures. That is possible because we combine two types of data: muscle data,an electric signal produced by the muscles when contracted and motion data, that is the position of the user in a 3D dimension space.We have been focused in establish partnerships for different fields-of-use.


QplicTQDT6tMcKnvDZaYJ9khGgrZa2eZO5tKY18cAeA6wM01Lj_wrvfgfdRqyFqV9WJ6lLW0DyW0fzgP0VmL8uuMowzhPqznga9yJlSVQABqvEWfG6EcvJ6h-AuB4YU=s1600Today our ability to find new sources of oil to supply our energy needs, prevent illegal drugs from being smuggled into the US on ships, and keep our military safe by freeing foreign waters of dangerous mines all rely on the same thing: risking human lives diving into these unsafe and unknown environments. Hydroswarms solves this problem by using swarms of small, autonomous, underwater robots specifically designed to do this job, saving lives and revolutionizing a multi-billion dollar market.


qLsWM0m2fRJBcCAJ9IO0WSJ0MkLjifYyAJEb4sOasw7gxcmdFGUHjPtOpl7h4KVBSI5glRzETlBp1Ti3kkzreH1nZjuGz-IZ74QaQQ7Jh9xJ5VwZpWgFGYaLKcjy3l45kg=s1600Pavlok: the first wearable that transforms your habits Example: go to the gym by 10am. Step 1: Accountability. When you commit, you cant remove Pavlok until you achieve your goal. It makes loud noises, or posts your fail to Facebook. Initially, it’s your drill sergeant trainer. One model can even shock you with 1000 painful volts. Step 2: Reinforcement Once you’re on track, Pavlok adds positive reinforcement to make the habit stick, permanently. Pavlok transforms you into a better you.


Cidg6meQTxlv6PCImuUxEBq-Xq1jtThnzaTh9FqBN9OEFwUJyVoinZ6eMMlFHqbfkVzpYKBUMb6B9yB7AAmsWFIitaCYxg4ZhLXECKmUL8EllPV-CvyX_HwqSvFj7ZJjEg=s1600StreetScans core business is a pavement inspection service that is fast and affordable to be used city-wide on a frequent basis, ensuring that repair decisions are never based on outdated or incomplete data. Our innovative patented sensing technologies (acoustic, radar, optical) detect surface and subsurface roadway defects within traffic. This enables frequent health monitoring of roads without traffic blockage and addresses the significant problem of aging infrastructure facing our society.

TVision Insights

ozes4W9yPf_4atx-_iGJHobkAUi2PQvu0BwREXylBrU0ierBXD5MySZPuRmHdr7flwpnGqQpWa-azerTjc03TXxUpvB4Tm1TFi1ryZXySaKwhUDb9TeEJ0FgLNlGIf4c8ao=s1600TV rating is the most important number in the $70 billion TV ad market, but there has been no innovation in two decades. TVision Insights leverages state-of-the-art computer vision technology to collect viewers demographics, emotional reactions, and viewability/engagement by placing a sensor at the base of a television in a household. This data is extremely valuable to advertisers and media buying agencies who today have no real measurement of their advertisements effectiveness.


_lXji339WEjU3OzGN-hvnFHNPP3gucGjL_EmPnjjqyeiP7OLyfIdIkrQ7lcndhj6-zTryc1P1eQSvIayF8OCBms-ufdTUglKP0l8vnH83sCyFGYKjOHYWDZjmZjJHyuBcvE=s1600XactSense builds cutting edge 3D scanning robots. Our offerings include UAVs, truck mounted and handheld systems. We aim to revolutionize the 270 billion dollar geospatial industry by making highly accurate 3D maps easy and affordable to create. Applications for our maps include the energy, mining and telecommunications sectors. Eventually these maps will be used for everything from robotic navigation to the film industry. We will build the hardware that will make those maps.

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