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Unwrapping Company Values

Recently, it was announced that Starbucks would be partnering with Square, a smartphone application that allows users to pay through their phones. The partnership allows Starbucks baristas to charge customers just from a picture provided by the user through Square. No fuss, no muss. The partnership also complements Starbucks intended image as a homey coffee shopcustomers will always be recognized by their servers, as one might experience in a local mom-and-pop shop. This idea of customizing and personalizing ones experience is one made increasingly accessible by technology and various modes of digitalization.
Delightfully offers people a way to personalize digital gifts for the people they care about. Sending canned emails with links to gift cards, audio books, tickets, and other virtual presents is nice, but sending someone a meaningful, thoughtful, and personal experience is far more significant, and more likely to invoke a sincere, emotional reaction. With so many types of technology so readily available, theres no reason why technology has to seem impersonal. Solike Starbucks relationship with Square,at Delightfully we particularly look for partners who match us in our desire to utilize all of the wonderful technology at our disposal in order to create personal, customizable experiences and products.
(Click image for an example of a gift wrapped by Delightfully)
Weve recently partnered with Blank Label, another MassChallenge company who specializes in designing custom-made shirts for prices affordable to everyday people. While custom clothing is often thought of as a luxury item inaccessible to most, Blank Label makes it possible for everyone to have something that is made for them.
Although we dont offer the same services, Blank Label suits Delightfully (if youll pardon the pun) because we both seek to use the accessibility and universality of the internet and the utility of various technologies to give people something personal and uniquely them.
Typically, companies who operate in the same arena choose to partner because they can share connections, resources, and other tips. But theres benefit to partnering based on intrinsic values, as well. In sum, while collaborating or partnering with other companies in the same industry can provide many benefits, its also useful to look for companies who hold similar values. As we at Delightfully feel very strongly: its often the meaning behind things thats most important.
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