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Vote for CEO Cait Brumme’s Community-Focused Panel for the TechCrunch Early-Stage Audience Choice 2023

TechCrunch Early-Stage Audience Choice 2023 voting is now live! MassChallenge CEO Cait Brumme is aiming to host a panel titled “Why Lack of community Is the Not-So-Secret Enemy of Early-Stage Founders.”

But we need your help!

VOTE NOW for our CEO Cait Brumme’s session to be featured! If you can’t find the session, type Cait’s name into the search bar.

If this session wins, we’ll teach founders how to:

  • Build their startup community from scratch
  • Recognize the opportunities from their community through each stage of growth
  • Identify the right key players in their field, and the best strategies to recruit them to the inner circle
  • And more!

Voting ends February 17, so click the link above and vote for “Why lack of community is the not-so-secret enemy of early-stage founders”!

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