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We Need A National Day for Entrepreneurs


In 2010, our friends at Grasshopper successfully petitioned President Barack Obama to declare every third Tuesday of November National Entrepreneurs Day in formal recognition of American innovation. However, in order to earn full federal support for an entrepreneur holiday, Grasshopper helped introduce H. Res. 401 to Congress where it currently has 50 co-sponsors. As active as Grasshopper has been in this whole process, the innovation community absolutely has to unite before it gets the recognition that it deserves.

Why Get Federal Recognition?

Its no hyperbole to say that entrepreneurship touches the lives of every American. From the computer youre reading this on to the clothes youre wearing, the impact of entrepreneurship is subtle yet ubiquitous. Congress declaring a formal National Entrepreneurs Day would inspire reflection on the impact of entrepreneurs, ensuring that the efforts of Americas creators are never forgotten.

A day for entrepreneurs sharing the same pedestal as a mothers day or fathers day would create powerful opportunities for education. Perhaps schools would deliver entrepreneur themed classes and hold special assemblies to recognize the potential of innovation in every child. For those who arent entrepreneurs, an entrepreneurs day would prompt them to think on how they can bring creative ideas to innovate their daily work and lives.

Why Now?

At MassChallenge, we firmly believe in catalyzing a startup renaissance. Entrepreneurship is the most compelling method of bringing balance to an increasingly shaky economic state. More inspiration and more reflection catalyzes more ideas and setting aside time to on reflect on entrepreneurship on a national scale would bring untold economic revitalization and job creation as everyone at any stage in their life pursues their entrepreneurial dreams.

John F. Kennedy once said, ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. and there is no better way to give to your country than building an entrepreneurial idea that impacts the world in a big way.

Lets get together and make history. A broad coalition of passionate entrepreneurs across Americas many districts would create immense support for Entrepreneurs Day in Congress. For the continued economic prosperity of America, we need to celebrate Entrepreneurship.

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