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A Welcome to our 2016 Boston Startup Finalists


Some of you have traveled from across the country or farther, but youve all arrived in Boston in one piece. So far, it sounds like you all are pretty pumped:

Thats good, because were pumped too. This is what we live for. Since the 2015 Awards Ceremony marked the end of last years accelerator program, we have been preparing for this moment. So take it in, because everything we do here is about you–your companies, your ideas, your futures. We are here to help you take off. If you need anything, ask and were there.

We’re not just an accelerator, we’re a family. That was sappy as hell, but my point is that we are here to work together.

And I think you will find that you could learn just as much from other startups as you can from MassChallenge staff. Joe Gebbia, founder of the ultra-unicorn startup Airbnb, recently gave an awesome TED talkabout trust. In it, he explains that we are naturally suspicious of strangers, and offers a way that we could rethink this approach.

Our hope is that at MassChallenge, you look at other companies not as competitors but as friends. You dont know most of the people here yet. But you will, and you might end up forming more powerful connections here than you could even imagine.

So heres to the class of 2016. You have a hectic, exciting and fruitful four months ahead of you. Now go out and make us proud. #MCStartups16.

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