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What MassChallenge is Thankful For



I’m thankful for entrepreneurs and innovators who look at the world and think – “I’m going to fix that”

Justin Normand, Entrepreneurship Manager (MassChallenge UK)


I’m thankful for the opportunity MassChallenge has given me to truly make an impact in the Innovation Community. It’s life changing. And I’m thankful for all the pizza we eat at MassChallenge.

Sean Valiente, Finance Manager


I am grateful for the opportunity to travel the world, learning about entrepreneurial ecosystems and helping design the MassChallenge global expansion strategy.

Kara Shurmantine, Partnerships Manager

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something larger than myself, something that helps others act upon their dreams. I am thankful for being able to give back while learning invaluable skills along the way.


– Hadley Dawson, Partnerships Team

[I am thankful for] the opportunity to make an impact on so many high-growth early-stage startups from all over the world.

Ryan Walsh,Partnerships Manager

IMG_1800.jpgI’m thankful for the community of amazing mentors who volunteer their expertise and time in support of entrepreneurs. Really incredible the impact these talented and often unsung heroes have on these startups.

Karl Btner, Chief Mentorship Officer

Nathan Wilson

The welcoming, high-energy, get-stuff-done MassChallenge attitude.

Nathan Wilson, Director of Software Development

I’m thankful for the folks who choose to help others without the expectation of a single thing in return.

Fhiwa Ndou, Program Manager (MassChallenge UK)


I am thankful for having moved from a house in Lexington to an apartment in Boston this freed so much of my time that I can spend on MassChallenge!!


Des Pieri, Chief Operating Officer

Perseverance – the thing that keeps every startup focused on accomplishing the impossible.

– Scott Bailey, Senior Director of Partnerships

IMG_1272.jpgI’m thankful to work with such committed people who inspire me everyday.

– Shannon Sullivan, Marketing Coordinator


I am thankful for bringing a bit of innovation to an otherwise very traditional holiday. This year we are cooking a Turducken!

Joanna Meiseles,Senior Director Programs and Operations

IMG_1606.jpgI am thankful for the expanding MC community and the opportunity to learn and grow everyday!

MayaHauer-Laurencin, Business Development Coordinator

I am thankful for the pay-it-forward spirit in the Boston innovation community! Everybody wants to help others succeed and be the best they can be.


Melanie Cannon, Events Team

Thankful for being able to leverage my experience in helping and inspiring others around the world with innovation-driven economic development.

Amir Eldad,International Expansion Evangelist, Co-founder & Director, MassChallenge Israel


As a huge fan of stories, I’m incredibly thankful for the engaged startup community,which hosts a literal wellspring of inspiration,that surrounds MassChallenge.

– Jibran Malek, Marketing Manager

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