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Why Apply to PULSE@MassChallenge?


There are so many reasons to be a part of the PULSE @MassChallenge community. From strategic partnerships with our Champion organizations to accessible healthcare and business workshops to world-class mentors, PULSE provides access to the digital healthcare community that you wouldnt be able to access anywhere else.

Dont forget to RSVP to the PULSE Application Launch on Tuesday, August 8th at Hatch Fenway to learn more about our 2018 accelerator program!

Read below to learn from alumni what made PULSE such an amazing program:

Champion Relationships
With 80+ startup-Champion partnerships, 20+ Champion challenges and 15 startup-Champion pilots, the inaugural 2017 PULSE@MassChallenge program exceeded the expectations of many of our 31 startups.

  • We really felt that with the Champion we were matched with, they really helped us to understand some of our challenges and issues in a way that we wouldnt have if we were just coming to pitch to them. – Narath Carlile, ACT.MD

  • PULSE has connected us with a ton of advisors in the healthcare space that helped refine our value proposition and also connected us with partners that we will continue to work with way beyond the program. – Zach Kabelac, Emerald Innovations

  • The most valuable part of PULSE is how startups and Champions are partnered together to jointly solve specific problems and bring new solutions to market. This focused approach is what makes PULSE a very successful program that I recommend to everyone in the digital health space. – Alaina Adams, Healthimation

  • PULSE gave us the opportunity to connect with awesome Champions, such as Philips, Servier, as well as industry leaders. We made some really good developments with them and plan on having these partnerships for the long run. – Justin Yang, Mobiosense

  • PULSE has been extremely helpful to Neopenda by introducing us to a larger healthcare network, namely our Champion, Philips, in addition to a lot of the mentors that we spoke with. – Sona Shah, Neopenda

  • The ability to work with our Champion has been a huge traction point. Their name brings a lot of credibility with high profile clients to our company. – Andy Chan, VIT

  • PULSE helped us tap into Bostons Digital Health Ecosystem. We are now partnering with AARP, Microsoft, every major VR company basically that there is in the world and we wouldnt have been able to accomplish that without PULSE. – Eran Orr, VRPhysio

  • The support and commitment from our [Champions are] simply a resource we would not find anywhere. Its advanced our clinical effort by 12 months. – Daniel Beeler, SyncThink

PULSE Programming

  • PULSE allowed us to achieve something in a really short amount of time which I dont think would have been possible without the structure of the program??helping align our partners and us on a timeline together.- Suelin Chen, Cake

  • PULSE helped us understand how to present our technology as not just a technology app, but as a solution to a bigger problem were trying to solve. – Nick Adams, Care Thread

  • PULSE has helped by providing us the opportunity to move forward with our mission. – Barry Finette, THINKMD

The Digital Healthcare Community

  • ConquerX changed my life. PULSE made us move 100% more than without it. We have an amazing cohort and Im super proud to be part of this community. – Deborah Zanforlin, ConquerX

  • PULSE helped us connect in the Boston recovery space which was really our main goal, to start local without technology and then scale outwards later. – Emily Lindermer, Hey,Charlie

  • PULSE provided access to organizations and resources that we never would have been able to get on our own. – Ted Acworth, Insightfil

  • PULSE has served as a springboard for our communitys success. As part of the program, we tested new business models with awesome champions/partners, doubled our team size and raised our first outside capital. – Sean Eldridge, Gain Life

The State, the City and the Champions

  • When you look at the biotechnology system in Boston, you think of the ecosystem. We have world class hospitals and universities that do medical research and really having these types of companies coming to our city and PULSE has been tremendous resource in advancing this initiative forward. – Martin Walsh, Mayor, City of Boston

  • PULSE is a direction that I can move startups towards and to say go apply to PULSE. Previously, we could only accommodate maybe 4 or 5 startups a year and now with PULSE, its like weve had an extended bench in terms of sourcing startups and then being able to really strategically match with them. – Julia Jackson, Managing Director, Massachusetts General Hospital Healthcare Transformation Lab

  • We are pleased to have had this opportunity to partner with Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare in regards to the pilot, and Cake and Gain Life. – Vivian Leonard, Director of Human Resources, City of Boston

  • Were really excited about PULSE broadly because its a test, its an experiment for us and we think its been a very successful experiment in figuring out how to accelerate the growth in digital health companies. – Laurance Stuntz, Director, Massachuestts eHealth Institute

  • Brigham and Womens has been involved in MassChallenge for quite some time. We were really excited when Governor Baker announced the state initiative on digital health. – Adam Landman, Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Brigham and Womens Hospital

Interested in figuring out if your digital health startup is a good fit? Join us at our PULSE Application Launch to hear reverse pitches from PULSEs Champions to discover what the industry cares about for 2018 and get a sneak peek into the program!


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