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To Work at a Startup


Fostering a Sense of Family

Startup work environments are undoubtedly unique in nature. While the testimonials in Rothfelds article discuss the aesthetics and physical work environment of startups, they focus more on the importance of work relationships in shaping the overall atmosphere of a startup. Ryan Johnston of Pardot explains it perfectly when he states, while [there are many] cool startup perks (scooters, beer, ping-pong, etc.), the culture is really about the people and how [they] interact[its] an environment where everyone wants to spend time with their co-workers, whether it’s in or out of the office. Startups rely so much on teamwork and collaboration that they inevitably create a fascinatingly close-knit workplace environment. Startups arent just your average work place, they are a family, with every member working his or her hardest to help nurture and develop the success of their collective vision. 

Nurturing A Shared Vision

Unlike a traditional work environment where everyone is relegated and confined to a distinct job/position, startups encourage and foster employees individual growth while encouraging collaboration. Devon Giddon of Thrillist asserts that startups don’t have people flying under the radar and skating by. Everyone pulls their weight and works really hard. Because of that, there’s a really powerful energy of collectively working toward the same goal, which is to build this thing into as big of a beast as it can be. At the same time, [people] have fun while [they] do it. Everyone who works at a startup believes in the vision or mission of that startup. This enthusiasm creates an incredible environment where everyone strives to attain success, encouraging each other to constantly think in different ways and try new things.

At a startup, people arent segregated by department and cubicle but rather, are brought together by a shared dream and help inspire one another in order to change the world around them. The collaborative and open work environment of a startup fosters a family like setting where people push one another to work their hardest and are actually passionate about the work they do. Startups have forward-thinking work environments that encourage people to view work in a new and different light. After all, is a job truly a job if you enjoy doing it?

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