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You Can't Save the World Without a Vision

Griffith explains that in the beginning it isnt important to think about environmental impact or trendy concepts. Those benefits will fall into place based on strong core values. That said, a companys core values are the laws, in which a company lives and breathes by.
Here are the 5 core values, which Zipcar and its employees live by:

Obsessive about member experience:

The experience is Zipcar. What customers feel and think about the brand is the brand, and therefore translates into the customers brand experience. In order to keep positive brand recognition Zipcar tries to keep its members constantly at the top of its core values.

Be the Best We Can Be:

Griffith expresses that talent is key, Its both the jockey and the horse. You cant have the jockey without the horse. It is not wise to scrimp on talent because of a pay difference. Find the best people who are in line with your vision.

Deliver Results:

Show me the money. It is important to create enduring value through growth and profits. Zipcar is in the business of making money. It is able to capitalize on urban lifestyle and the value of transportation because of the needs of consumers in a specific market.

Keep it simple:

Griffith puts simplicity into perspective describing the best brands as not being complex. He says, One of the hardest things about strategy is not what youre going to do, but what youre not going to do. People may become overwhelmed by what competitors are doing or whats on trend, but ideally you want your company to be different. Draw from the vision and refine the goals.

Have an impact:

Zipcar saw an opportunity and with that a chance to change the world. Meaning, Zipcar has made an impact on society by creating more practical choices in urban transportation.
The moral of what Griffith said was that core values are instrumental on how Zipcar internally talks about the company. Values help make decisions and formulate an outward strategy. Good core values will stand the test of time and carry a company to success. Without strong core values you will not have the opportunity to influence and shape the world. Zipcar, which has been acquired by Avis, made an impact by changing the way people think about transportation.
Thank you to Scott Griffith for giving your time and having an impact on the Finalists of MassChallenge. #MCEngage13

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