Case Study

How Found Their Market and Increased Pipeline with MassChallenge

Pangea App is a platform that connects college students to professional short-term jobs, to help them build experience and find full-time work when they graduate.

After hearing of positive experiences with MassChallenge from peers, Adam Alpert, founder of Pangea, applied to the program as Pangea was navigating a pivot. Initially, they were seeking new validation for their latest platform launch and wanted to take advantage of the mentorships and workshops available at MassChallenge.

During the program, Pangea generated quick interest from two MassChallenge Partners, Hasboro and Citizens Bank, and they began sessions with their respective senior HR teams to help further develop the Pangea platform. They were also able to reach out to select experts within the MassChallenge directory like VC leaders and university administrators, which gave valuable perspectives for their development, that they otherwise would not have had easy access to.

Through these contacts, mentor guidance, and conversations with the startups in their cohort, Pangea determined that small businesses and startups were the right market for their platform, and advanced forward.

Pangea was quickly able to increase their pipeline of participating clients. Having about 10 to 15 colleges active at the beginning of the MassChallenge program, they ended with over 100 colleges by the end of the 3-month program. By summer 2020, Pangea has 200 employers signed up, and over 500 colleges. 

“There’s so much you can get out of MassChallenge, and I think you definitely get out of it what you put into it. We intentionally sought the feedback from MassChallenge Partners, a variety of mentors, and the rest of the startup cohort to help us make decisions and progress. Even just going through the judging round gave us a treasure trove of feedback data that helped us navigate to our pivot to begin with.” 

-Adam Alpert, founder of

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