ClimateTech includes solutions with the potential to address global warming and its environmental effects, explicitly novel technologies and business models to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, adapt to climate change, and build resilient communities.


Efforts in ClimateTech have led to advancements in biodiversity, environmental protection, food sustainability, and renewable energy just to name a few, and include technologies such as alternative materials, high-performance batteries, offshore wind turbines, solar panels, and more.


MassChallenge joins the global effort to drive a technological evolution to support small businesses working to champion these advancements to address the greatest challenge of our time.

Want to Get Involved?

Organizations interested in MassChallenge sourcing novel, dual-use technologies with potential to solve their innovation challenges may contact Vijay Sekhara, Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Climate-Focused Programs

BlueTech Sprint

Accelerating marine and undersea technologies to transform how we understand and leverage the power of the ocean to mitigate climate change, protect coastal resources, bolster national defenses, and ship goods efficiently.

Climate Intelligence Sprint 

Democratizing access to historical, current, and predictive data to drive smart policies and business decisions to manage the risks of climate change through the use of artificial intelligence, data architecture, edge computing, quantum, and more.

Climate Solutions and Sustainable Industry Track (Switzerland Early Stage)

Focusing on solutions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, adapt to climate change, and build resilient communities, including but not limited to advancements in agriculture, alternative fuels, carbon capture, clean energy, geoengineering, smart cities, and transportation.

The Disaster-tech Track (IL Early-Stage)

Tackling the mitigation and prevention of large-scale disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires, etc., as well as the support of post-disaster efforts such as communications, clean water, clean-up, and humanitarian aid. 

The Global Sustainable Food Track (Switzerland Early-Stage)

This track brings together the largest multi-national food corporations, world-class mentorship from food experts, and tailored curriculum focused on sustainability, food, and packaging to accelerate the impact of startups working in agriculture, food, & animal feed.

Sustainable Food Solutions

The need to cut emissions and feed the world sustainably is one of the biggest challenges of our time. The challenge, based out of MassChallenge Switzerland, identifies startups whose ideas in the food and agri-tech value chains are ready to scale and be multiplied globally and then connects the startup to MassChallenge’s partners so their ideas can be scaled. Selected startups and Partners are put into joint teams and then compete to see which startups idea when scaled by a specific partner could feed the world sustainably.  Since 2020 2,450 startups have competed in the challenge with over 200 being connected to MassChallenge’s partners.

Accelerated Technologies

Past programs have focused on sourcing startups innovating with the following tech

ClimateTech Big Bets