A Community of Innovators

The MassChallenge model is community-driven to build intentional on-ramps and unparalleled access to resources and opportunities for ALL founders, whether they fit or break the mold. Our community is defined by the stakeholders – Founders, Experts, Investors, Donors, and strategic Partners – who engage with MassChallenge and share in our mission to equip bold entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to disrupt the status quo to create sustainable change.

Where you do you fit?

Introduce yourself and learn more about the different roles of the MassChallenge community.
MassChallenge Community

Through the MC Community, we support founders around the world, drive value for MC’s network, cultivate the next generation of experts and founders, and inspire innovation for sustainable solutions to solve massive challenges. 

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Corporate & nonprofit partners
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MassChallenge Community Agreements

In partnership with Hummingbird Humanity, we’ve defined the MassChallenge Community the following guiding principles:


  • Be your best
  • Acknowledge difference
  • Lean into discomfort
  • Uphold a safe and brave space
  • Be your most authentic self

Ecosystem Partnerships

Ecosystem Partners are made up of external organizations that share the same mission as MassChallange of challenging the status quo, and driving bold, inclusive innovation. MassChallenge works with these organizations in variety of ways and are always seeking to explore new opportunities. Learn more here.

Community Partners