Corporate Innovation

Corporate Innovation

Source. Scale. Grow.

MassChallenge is the expert in helping corporate partners efficiently and effectively work with startups, supporting a scalable and inspiring approach to innovation. Our dedicated Partner Success team works in lockstep with partners to empower them to maximize the benefit of the MassChallenge Global Network. 

At high level, MassChallenge provides:

  • Access: Introductions to vetted high-growth, high-impact startups across industries.
  • Engagement: Opportunities to engage across the ecosystem to achieve innovation technology and talent goals.
  • Expertise: Renowned capabilities and global footprint extend the capabilities of corporate teams.

Introduce Yourself

MassChallenge is highly adaptable to different initiatives. Learn more about we can help your corporate development team.

Ebook: Ultimate Guide to Corporate Innovation

As we see exponential advancement in tech and services, corporate innovation is an essential strategy. In this guide you’ll get comprehensive insight in how to approach innovation for your organization.

Collaborative Innovation

MassChallenge believes that startups and enterprises can accomplish more together than alone. Our team works to ensure direct, unbiased focus on the specific interests of each of its partners and startups.


Rooted in a non-profit model, MC offers a range of industry-specific and industry-agnostic solutions that are tailored to meet their partners’ goals. At the same time, we encourage pushing the boundaries that connect corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, and communities to drive business growth and transform economies.

Why Engage with MassChallenge

Funding Raised

Expand & Influence Innovation Efforts

Community First

Access to Vetted Global Talent Pool


Learn from Entrepreneurs' Fields

Build For Impact

De-risk & Invest in Innovation Efficiently


Increase Exposure to New Ideas & Startups


Solve for Strategic Product Initiatives


Why Corporate Innovation Teams Partner with MassChallenge: 


  • Visibility into innovation ecosystem
  • Speed at which a company can innovate
  • Decrease the cost to innovate
  • Expand external innovation efforts
  • Brand alignment, market visibility and awareness in the innovation ecosystem


Who MassChallenge Is Perfect for: 



  • Large corporate innovation and technology teams   
  • Digital Strategy, Innovation, Transformation, & CVC   
  • Newly formed innovation teams  
  • Industry disruptive leaders  
  • Corporations looking to grow their startup community  

KPMG & MassChallenge

In 2020, KPMG leveraged their partnership with MassChallenge to find TeamLift to help accelerate their enterprise technology development.