Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Since our inception, MassChallenge has valued equitable access to resources for entrepreneurs. Our zero equity, non-profit model provides access to entrepreneurs with limited economic resources or networks so their ideas and companies can scale and succeed.

MassChallenge believes that a successful innovation ecosystem is diverse and inclusive. We strongly believe in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a foundation for both our organization and our mission, and we’re doing the work to achieve it.

We are focused on supporting a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem through three main pillars:

  • Structure and Systems: We are critically examining our core processes and operations to identify and remove areas of bias. 
  • Program and Community: We are creating resources to better support our community members of marginalized groups and to make our programs more accessible.
  • Inclusive Culture and Talent: We are integrating our DEI vision into how to build our culture, hire new employees, and support our staff. 

You may wonder, specifically, if those are just words that we’re saying or if we can actually point towards actions? And we think you’re right to ask. Each of these pillars has intentional initiatives and specific measurable goals against it. We are working with experts within and outside of our organization to meet our goals and are listening to our stakeholders whose lived experiences guide our efforts. You can read more about our efforts in our latest DEI update.

In alignment with our value of transparency, below is a demographic breakdown of MassChallenge’s 2020 US Early Stage startup cohorts.



MassChallenge will never be “done” with this work. As an organization, we believe in continual progress, and we approach our equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts with the same mindset. As leaders in innovation, we understand that listening and adaptation are essential components of leading. And we aim to do that.

If you have any questions regarding MassChallenge’s DEI initiatives, please get in touch!  



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