Dual Use

Dual Use

Technology that can be used for both commercial and government applications are considered to have a dual use, fulfilling both private and public sector needs ranging from aerospace, biotechnology, defense, energy, healthcare, sustainability, transportation, and more.


Dual-use technologies have led to the development of innovative solutions that have had a significant impact on the commercial sector, but also in public safety, national security, and global stability. Some of these include advancements in artificial intelligence, navigation, nuclear energy, and space travel.


MassChallenge aims to discover and accelerate small businesses with dual-use technologies, and with the support of both corporate and government partners, facilitate access to federal funding opportunities.

Ready to Talk?

Organizations interested in MassChallenge sourcing novel, dual-use technologies with potential to solve their innovation challenges may contact Vijay Sekhara, Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Dual-Use Focused Programs

Air Force Labs 

Addressing challenges identified by the U.S. Air Force such as cyber-contested environments, portable high-performance batteries, hypersonics, and more to deliver defense innovation at speed to sharpen the nation’s competitive edge and to drive solutions used to win in the field  


BlueTech Sprint 

Accelerating marine and undersea technologies to transform how we understand and leverage the power of the ocean to mitigate climate change, protect coastal resources, bolster national defenses, and ship goods efficiently. 


Health & Human Performance Sprint 

Pursuing the apex of human potential by scouting technologies in biotechnology and personal performance, but also broader areas in defense, healthcare, space, and sports to measure and push the bounds of the physical potential 


Safety & Security Track (US Early Stage) 

Connecting the private & public innovation ecosystems to discover and accelerate novel technologies from the next generation of startups with a direct or potential use case for public safety & national security challenges. 

Accelerated Technologies

Past programs have focused on sourcing startups innovating with the following tech:

Startup Spotlight

Pison, an Air Force Labs 2020 graduate, develops wearable gesture control solutions for ATAK, robots, and night vision goggles.  


Why MassChallenge? 

Pison joined the MassChallenge Air Force Labs program to be exposed to the Air Force and larger DoD program offices. The program provided us with connections to multiple stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. MassChallenge specifically provided demo opportunities and events to meet the right people at Air Force and Army. Pison is now integrating to six programs of record.  


Private & Government Funding 

Pison has raised $12M in private VC funding and is raising a Series B in 2023. It is a STRATFI SBIR awardee and is integrating to the Special Warfare and also Security Forces programs of record.  

Department of Defense Engagements 

Air Force program office engagements include: AFLCMC PEO ISR/SOF, Global Strike Command, Air National Guard TACP, Air Combat Command. 

Upcoming Projects 

Demonstration at Malmstrom Air Force Base for Global Strike Command nuclear convoy protection security force. Pison has two Phase II SBIRs with this customer to enhance their situational awareness kits for heads up operation.